4 Ways to Fake Thicker Brows

Remember when pencil-thin eyebrows used to be in style? Those days are long over! Thick eyebrows are so in right now. Should we thank Cara Delevingne for the inspiration? Regardless of whoever put full eyebrows on the map, mastering the look should be a top beauty priority. We recently came across an article on Byrdie that shares 4 tricks to making eyebrows appear fuller. If years of waxing, threading and plucking have left your brows on the thin side, this article is for you! Continue reading to see how you can fake thicker brows right now!

“Repurpose Your Products

If you don’t have that much hair, then you’re going to have to build it. You can cheat by brushing the hair up a bit and applying Covergirl’s Natural Lash Mascara in Clear ($5) and Aveda’s Controlforce Firm Hold Hair Spray ($30). But find the right balance. If you overdo it, it’ll flake off.

Use a Super-Fine Pencil

To fake a full brow, it’s all about precision. You have to keep the shape soft; that way, it looks like real hair. Use Lorac’s Pro Brow Pencil ($19) and begin filling your brow in with feathery strokes along the top and bottom, but be sure that it looks like part of the hair, instead of weird lines sticking out. The finer the pencil, the better.

The Right Brush is Your Best Friend

If you already have a decent shape, fill it in from the top and bottom with a long-wearing brow gel. I love Lancôme’s Sourcils Gel Waterproof Eyebrow Gel-Cream ($24). Afterward, follow the width of the brows with a pointed-angle brow brush like pro Eyebrow Brush – Duo Angle Brow Brush ($32).

Pick the Correct Shade and Blend

Picking the right shade makes a big difference. It’s not so much about using your hair color’s exact shade, but more about harmony. If you have jet-black hair, dark black brows will be too harsh on face. Go with taupe-y gray. With red hair, a red pencil will read too fake, so mix some reddish-brown into it. Taupe is better for blondes to add definition. Remember to blend out the color with Q-tips Cotton Swabs ($6) after applying so it’s never too harsh.”

As seen on 4 Sneaky Tricks to Faking Thicker Brows

Faking fuller brows isn’t as hard as it seems! In fact, those steps are so simple that we should all have volumized brows! What eyebrow products work best for you? Are you into the full brow trend? How do you maintain your brows? Let’s talk beauty! Leave a comment below to share!

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