10 Style Advice Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Women and fashion go hand in hand. Whether you are a fashion connoisseur or prefer to keep it simple with your wardrobe, there are certain pieces of style advice that should not be ignored. The CGS Team has rounded up the top 10 style advice tips for women to follow. You may have heard these tips before, but reaffirmation never hurt anyone!

Top 10 Style Advice Tips Every Woman Should Follow…

#1 Show Skin Strategically

Angelina Jolie’s style Jen Rade puts it perfectly: “Choose one body part only and show it off. If it’s cleavage, don’t show your legs. If it’s legs, stay covered on top.”

#2 Tailor Your Pants Appropriately

“The biggest mistake women make is wearing pants that aren’t the right length for their shoes,” says stylist Kate Young. InStyle recommends that “hems should just graze the tops of your shoes and be from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch off the floor.”

#3 Embrace Your Shape

“Once you know which silhouettes flatter you, filter trends ruthlessly,” says designer Shoshanna Gruss. Find the best styles for your body type and stick with them.

#4 Only Buy Shoes You Can Walk In

We’ve all been there, enduring the pain of an incredibly sexy shoe. Skip the pain and save yourself some money. If you try a pair of shoes on in the store and they’re ridiculously hard to walk in, leave them behind.

#5 If You Feel Uncomfortable, You Probably Look Uncomfortable

If you are wearing something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, it shows. Not only does it show on your face, but the energy you give off is uncomfortable. Stick with pieces that make you feel confident.

#6 Check Your Lighting

White clothing always becomes more see-through in the day time, so make sure you check with proper lighting before leaving the house.

#7 Always Have Basics on Hand

Basics include black and white cotton tees, a little black dress, a comfortable (yet stylish) pair of pumps, a great pair of denim, and red lipstick.  Always have the basics on hand so you need never worry about a go-to!

#8 Protect Your Leather and Suede

Real suede and leather pieces can be expensive and require special care. Make sure you protect your suede and leather items to ensure their longevity, and your money’s worth.

#9 Always Read the Label

Don’t throw a fabulous piece of clothing down the drain because you failed to read the label. Make sure you always read the tag on your nice clothing to confirm “dry clean only” isn’t the only wash option. You will also learn which pieces require hot and cold washes to keep their shape and color.

#10 Don’t Forget the Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can keep your plunging neckline in place and ensure fashion mishaps never come your way. If you don’t dare to bear your neckline for fear of a nip-slip, double-sided tape is the end-all cure.

The 10 pieces of style advice listed above apply to any woman and any fashion personality. Follow the rules of fashion and never worry about a style fail again! Do you have any style tips that have gotten you through the years? Share them with us in the comments section below!

-The CGS Team



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