What to Do When You are Unemployed

We’ve all experienced that awkward transition period of not being employed. Whether you were recently laid off or attempting to switch careers, the infamous question that usually comes to mind in this situation is “what do I do now?” We’re sure millions of thoughts cross your mind when the question comes up. The CGS Team has found some solutions to give you some peace of mind while you are unemployed. It’s important to maintain an optimistic mindset during this change; you never know when opportunity will knock on your door.

Spruce Up Your Resume

Always have an up to date resume handy. If you read the How to Bounce Back from a Layoff article, you’ll already know that an updated resume is key when going through layoffs. However, even if you weren’t laid off, keeping your resume as current as possible will save you time and allow you to have it readily available in case someone asks for it.

Sure you can always update it on an as-needed basis, but resumes require thought and strategy; they should not be rushed. Check out the Finance 101: Building the Perfect Resume article for tips on sprucing up your resume to the fullest potential!

File for Unemployment Benefits

As soon as you experience a job loss, file for unemployment. Since unemployment benefits can take effect immediately, you don’t want to wait too long before making your claim. Also, some states have a timeframe for how long you can receive those benefits. Most states allow people to file for benefits online, over the phone or through the mail.

Each state has their own unemployment office. This is where your claim should be filed. If you worked or lived in multiple states, give a call to the unemployment office in your home state. For a full list of unemployment offices by state, click here. Their website will also inform readers on eligibility requirements, compensation information, and how to file.

Temporary Positions Help

The benefits offered to employees are wonderful, but if you only have the option of contract or temp work, then take it! Some money is better than no money, and most contractors receive higher wages due to their lack of benefits. Temporary positions not only help out your financial situation but it keeps you up to date in the work force. Temporary positions usually last anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on the need. Temp and contract work varies significantly by field, so there should be no shortage of options for you.

Consider using a temp or contract agency. They can help place you according to your previous experience. What’s great about temp positions is that you may get lucky in finding a permanent role! Word of people having a good work ethic travels fast and helps you get ahead in the work force, so always remember to stay positive and do your best. Also, through temporary positions you can form lifelong professional relationships, which can help in your search for work.

Volunteer In the Mean Time

Choosing how you spend your time outside of work is important while in between jobs. It’s important to stay proactive and professional, as well as expand your network. If you are having trouble finding any kind of work, then give volunteering a shot! Volunteering exhibits good character and is great way to keep your talents constructive until you get back into the work force.

Volunteering helps you network while in the middle of looking for jobs. Consider animal shelters, food drives, sponsored events, or any charitable effort that is close to your heart. Volunteering on a regular basis definitely helps make you marketable to future employers looking people to hire.


Never give up! Nothing bad lasts forever, so maintain your professionalism and a positive attitude. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more editorials: @citygirlsavings. If you know of any tips that can help boost productivity while unemployed, please share a comment below. We love hearing back from you!

-The CGS Team



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