Video: How I’m Using Digit to Save Money

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If you read the article How to Use Digit to Reach Your Money Goals, then you know what Digit is all about. In case you haven’t read it (do so), but let me fill you in. Digit is a financial health app that helps you save for your money goals. Whether your goal is to pay down credit cards, pay your phone bill on time, or anything else, Digit makes it easy to save for those goals. The app transfers small amounts of money from your primary checking account (small enough that you don’t even know it’s missing), and transfers it to your Digit account.

I can go on and on explaining what Digit is and how you can use it to reach your money goals. However, sometimes it’s better to show than tell. In the video below, I’m sharing all about Digit and how I’m currently using it to reach some of my money goals. You’ll get a good understanding of the app and how you can start using it for your goals.

As I mentioned in the video, new Digit users get a free $5 if they sign up with my link! If you’re new to Digit and want to give it a try, an extra $5 can be your incentive! Sign up for Digit now!

If you already use Digit, what do you think about it? Are you leveraging it for specific money goals or just seeing what you can save with it? Drop a comment below to share!

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