Tricks to Prep Your Closet for the New Year

6 Tricks to Prep Your Closet for the New Year

If you didn’t get a chance to do your spring cleaning, just know that it’s never too late to just toss out your old items! There is no better feeling than creating an organized space and taking the time to prep your closet for the new year.

Knowing you have a fresh, reorganized closet is a great way to start the new year! Check out these six tricks to prep your closet for the upcoming new year.

Tricks to prep your closet for the New Year

#1 Carve Out Time

Make an actual plan for tackling your closet, and carve out some time to get it all done. Making a note in your calendar and giving yourself some time to finish the task at hand will truly be a life and time saver.

The size of your closet and the amount of stuff will determine how long it takes—and there’s no need to rush! In most cases, taking a peek at what your closet looks like prior to organizing will help you see what actually needs to be organized.

Organizing your closet on a weekend is ideal. That way, any items you plan to donate can be bagged and set aside to drop off at the start of the week.

#2 Out with The Old

We accumulate so much in a course of a year that organizing your closet is a total must. When it is time to clean out your closet, you’ll probably ask yourself why you either have kept something for so long or why you bought it in the first place!

Take this time to toss out old items that you no longer are interested keeping. We can all have a bit of a hoarding problem and hate to see things leave us.

If that’s you that is totally okay—instead of giving your items away to a complete stranger, how about letting your friend or family member borrow the item? They can take it off your hands until you are in need of it and when you are ready to rock it again, you can always ask for it back.

#3 Stay Consistent

Once you organize your closet, it will be everything you imagined—for a little while. Try to stay consistent and keep it that way. Make it a New Year’s resolution!

Of course, after long workdays we just want to kick off our heels and toss off our bra. But we must still pick up after ourselves and put the items where they need to go.

That includes putting dirty clothes in the hamper and your heels back in the closet. Remove the items that have no business being in places they should be—trust us, you will thank us later.

#4 Categorize

Not everyone is a stickler when it comes to categorizing and that is totally fine. Still, it helps to designate a place for everything in your closet.

Keep like items with like items. When it comes to the appearance of your closet, categorizing plays a huge role.

Keeping your similar items grouped together in your closet makes it easier for when you’re looking for them in a hurry, and your closet will look nicer.

Hang your belts in the same spot, group your Levi jackets alongside each other and—most important—keep your workout shirts separate from your pajamas because there is nothing worse then hitting the gym in your sleepwear.

#5 Utilize Your Space

Stop procrastinating and worrying about organizing your closet. The key is just to utilize your space in a way that works for you.

Separate your clothes into categories such as pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and undergarments.

Depending on the size of your closet you can create shelves for your tops that you do not want to place in your drawer. Instead of the bulky hangers, opt for thinner hangers to create space so you can locate things easier and quicker.

#6 Treat Yourself

Once you’re done, treat yourself to some new hangers, or buy that designer bag you have been telling your friends about. Rewarding yourself after a good organize helps keep the momentum of wanting to keep your space nice.

If you decide to make a party out of it, enlist your closes friends to help (and treat them for their service!). After all the sweat, heavy lifting, and tears from departing from pieces you deserve a nice treat.

Take a moment and recognize the before and after—and celebrate!

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There is something about a fresh organized space that just settles your soul right. No more tossing things from your closet to the floor, only to find the article of clothing you were originally looking for in your drawer.

What organizing tips and tricks have you found to be useful to prep your closet for the new year?

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