Travel Beauty Tips: How to Look Great Getting Off a Plane

While the idea of vacations are amazing, the thought of the flight may not be. Whether you have a 2-hour flight to your destination or a 14-hour flight, looking good for your flight’s arrival is not impossible. With little tricks before and during the flight, there’s no need to immediately run to the bathroom to freshen up. The CGS Team is sharing a few travel beauty tips to help you look great and fully refreshed after a long day of air travel!

Travel beauty tips for the plane ride!

Dress Comfortably

One of the best ways to look great getting off a plane is to be comfortable while you’re on the plane. Pick apparel that isn’t too tight and that won’t stretch while sitting for long periods of time. Think leggings with a cute tunic. Most planes get pretty cold, so wearing items that will keep you warm (not hot) will go a long way. A flowy dress could work as well, as long as you have a sweater and/or blanket with you! If you need to go to an important meeting or nice dinner when you land, carry your change of clothes in your carry-on and change when you land.

Stay Hydrated

Cabin air can easily dry you out, so staying hydrated is a must. When you are heading to a tropical locale or getting ready for a girls weekend, it may be tempting to sip some alcohol on the plane. Do your best to wait until you land. Once the buzz of the alcohol wears off, you may be tired, drowsy, or ready to take a nap. Try to stick with drinking water or coffee. Avoid the sugary soda and juices, which can also result in a sugar crash. Drinking water on the flight can boost your skin’s radiance. Staying hydrated during the flight will definitely show when you reach your destination.

Go Au-Natural

Getting on a plane with full-face make-up may be great initially, but a long flight in a dry cabin can ruin your made-up look. With a dry cabin, moisturizer or facial oils are an absolute necessity. However, it’s not feasible to put on these products over a fully made face. If you can’t leave the house without your eyeliner, mascara or eyebrows, then by all means put it on! Just avoid a fully made-up face and stick with the naturals. You can always freshen up when you land.

Flight-Friendly Refreshers

Pack your travel-size refreshers in your carry-on. Think perfume, mouthwash and deodorant. These items are perfect for making sure you come off the plane fresh and fabulous. Unscented baby wipes are also great for freshening up. Take a quick trip to the bathroom before you land and spruce up with your flight-friendly toiletries. Keep it simple though, a full make-over in the plane bathroom is not an ideal location or situation!

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

The best way to look great after getting off a plane is sleeping! If you are one of those people who can’t sleep on a plane, then at least relax. Read a good book or magazine, watch a movie on your iPad, or listen to some tunes with your eyes closed. You’re pretty limited to what you can do on a plane, so take advantage of the flight and use it as time to catch up on your beauty rest. You will leave the flight looking refreshed and well-rested, ready for your trip!

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You never have to look rough getting off a plane if you plan accordingly! What tips do you have for looking fresh after a long flight? Are there any items you bring with you on the flight to help you relax? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I’m afraid to get dolled up for a plane ride because after a long flight it doesn’t seem to last! These are some great pointers. I’m going to give them a try on my next flight!

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