Spa Treatments Worth the Splurge

If you crave serenity and relaxation, then a spa day fits the bill! If you’ve been lucky to experience a few relaxing spa days, then you will know that they are not cheap. They are not intended to be cheap…and that’s okay! If you save up for it, certain spa treatments are worth the splurge!

Spas, wellness centers, and relaxation salons are designed to provide people with luxurious relaxation experiences to help reduce stress, reboot energy, and make you feel great! The ladies of the CGS Team are fans of the occasional spa day, emphasis on occasional. Since spa days can be costly, we suggest you pick and choose your treatments. Check out a few popular spa treatments that are worth the amount you will spend on them!


Spas are some of the best places to get the legit facials. Spas hire licensed estheticians who are trained and accredited to work with all skin types. If you don’t know what type of facial you want or need, the spa rep has the knowledge and expertise to recommend a facial based on your needs.

Every spa is different in the types of facial treatments they offer, but all of them are designed to give your skin life, while providing ultimate relaxation. You can expect a dimly lit room with soothing tunes, scented oils and a specialist who will rid your skin of impurities. Spa facials can run anywhere from $100-$275 for up to 90 minutes. It’s costly, but your skin will thank you.


If you are familiar with popular massage chains like Massage Envy or Elements, then you know that massages don’t have to cost more than $90. Just remember, you get what you pay for. A massage from a spa will do more than just relieve your body of tension. It will leave you falling asleep on the table!

The masseuse will make the room as relaxing as possible, with lovely scents, calming tunes, and additional amenities at your request. From deep tissue massages to massages with hot stones, spa massage treatments are designed to give you a massage experience 100x that of one from a massage parlor.

Body Treatments

Mud baths, body wraps, and detoxifying body treatments are just a few of the wide variety of spa treatments designed specifically for your body. Whether your goal is to get the smoothest skin possible or to reduce stress, body treatments are designed to give your body what it needs.

Warm oils, exfoliating scrubs with the purest ingredients, and oil-infused products are high on the list of benefits of body treatments. If you haven’t indulged in any body treatment, give it a try and see how you feel after. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much your body loves it!

Skip these Spa Services

Most spas also offer treatments that can be found just about anywhere. Manicures and pedicures, hair blowouts, and waxing services are common at most spas. However, why spend more on these services at a spa when you can go to your local salon and get the same treatment?

When it comes to these treatments, a spa doesn’t provide an experience that trumps that of your local salon. A manicure is a manicure, whether at the spa or the salon. Sure the spa will be less crowed, more appealing to the eye and less conversational, but it may not be worth the splurge. Unless you’re purchasing a full day spa package, skip these services.

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Every woman should indulge in a spa day every once and awhile. Some spas have a minimum purchase requirement, while others charge a small fee to enter. Regardless of how the spa you want to attend functions, make sure you are getting the best treatments for your dollar! What spa experiences do you have? What is your favorite spa treatment? How do you budget for the spa? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences, so please leave a comment below to share!

-The CGS Team



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