Snowed In? 5 Snow Day Activities

Usually when you’re snowed in and forced to stay at home, it seems as if time stands still and boredom takes over. The worst thing is staring at the ceiling, knowing that you are not able to do much of anything. Whether you’re single, have roommates, or a family, there are plenty of snow day activities to do while making the most of your day indoors.

Besides the outdoor activities than can help pass the time, and help you relive your childhood, there’s quite a few things you can do indoors. Since winter is still in full effect, the CGS Team has come up with a few fun snow day activities to help you maximize your time at home.

Snow day activities

Get Inspired with Pinterest

Pinterest is the go-to site for almost anything. Have you always wanted to start a craft or DIY project but didn’t know where to start? Pinterest is full of inspiration from other crafty girls! Most of us don’t have enough time on our hands to actually create the things we’ve seen. So why not use your day indoors to create something beautiful. Whether you want to create a yummy dish, a scrapbook, a handmade gift, or a DIY project, Pinterest is ideal! Check out DIY Christmas Cards to start making homemade holiday cards!

Have a Drink With Your Roomie

Have a drink…or two! Making homemade cocktails while being snowed in is the best! Since you’re already snowed-in, you can’t actually go anywhere. This means you don’t have to worry about getting an Uber or worse. Pull out your favorite wine, sit back and enjoy your day. Take this day to reconnect with your friends or family on friendly gossip, while getting a little happy buzz. Live alone? Make a phone date with a local friend! Use Skype or Facetime to get you in the spirit! Make your own drinks and start chatting.

Clean Out Your Closet

Why let the day go to waste? If you’ve been procrastinating about cleaning out your closet, let the snow day give you the perfect excuse to get to work. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaning you’ll get done in the amount of time you have in the day. Since there is no rush to go anywhere, you can try on all of the clothes you are contemplating getting rid of.

Hopefully they all still fit! Organizing your closet when you’re snowed in is perfect, because you aren’t rushed and can separate items accordingly. Check out the article How to Make Money When Clearing Out Your Closet to help bring in some extra cash while tackling your closet.

Catch Up on Your Goals

Take this snow day, and make it a day of productiveness! Who said you have to be lazy and do nothing? Utilizing the time you have off of work or school doesn’t have to go in vain. You can take this time to get some work done in a timely fashion. The early bird gets the worm and catching up on any goals, projects or homework will leave you feeling accomplished.

Have you been contemplating starting a business? Use this time to get your ideas on paper. Get some research done on the computer. Even if you only devote a few hours of your snow day to your goals, you will still feel productive.

Take Advantage of Movie Accounts

Now is the perfect time to watch endless amount of movies, or catch up on your favorite TV shows! Movie accounts such as Netflix and Hulu are ideal for snow days. If you don’t have any movie accounts, set up a free trial! Most companies offer a free trial for first time users, so take advantage! While being snowed in, you can catch up on all of your favorite shows and even find a new sitcom to watch. Kick your feet up, make your favorite snacks, and indulge in a 5-star movie.

Certain parts of the country get very cold, and the snow seems to takeover! Have you ever been snowed in? What did you do with your day? How often does your city get snow? We want to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below and let’s chat!

-The CGS Team



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