DIY Christmas Cards

The winter season is definitely one of our favorite times of the year! Everyone seems a little brighter, Peppermint Mochas are available at Starbucks, and so many cute decorations to see! What better way to send a little holiday cheer than with personalized holiday cards? DIY Christmas cards are it!

Instead of running the risk of someone seeing your cards before they get it because they shop at the same places as you, give DIY holiday cards a try! We have found quite a few adorable DIY holiday cards around the internet and we’re sharing our top 5! Check our favorites below.

Glitter and Glow

Take the advice of Style at Home and make a regal reindeer or a shimmering tree with glittered stickers! Printouts included!

Mini Wreaths

Frolic shows readers how you can make mini wreaths for your friends to hang up and spread some holiday cheer.

Comfort and Joy

Share the word of the holiday season by using this adorable message by Delia Creates on cardstock for a non-traditional spin on holiday cards.

Tree Season

Turn your lint roller into a Christmas Tree-stamping machine with this easy follow-along by Handmade Charlotte. You can even use the design on wrapping paper!

Trail of Lights

Light up your cards with an adorable Christmas light design done with chalk via Buggy and Buddy! Do it against any backdrop for more options.

Holiday cards don’t have to be complicated. The 5 ideas above will get you off on the right track! Do you send holiday cards? Do you prefer to make them or buy them? Do you incorporate your family’s picture? Share your tips and DIY tricks for holiday cards below!

-The CGS Team



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