Skype Interview Basics

As technology broadens, how we do things is constantly changing, and that includes how interviews are being conducted. Skype is usually intended for meetings, and chatting with friends and family members who live far away. Nowadays, many employers are asking to interview potential prospects who live far away through Skype. Special thanks to the CGS Team for wanting to help the community to grow stronger by putting together a few tips to help you nail your next Skype interview. Check out these helpful tips to help you be interview ready for your next Skype call.

Camera Ready

Looking the part is just as important as being the part. Attending an interview through Skype can be a little different. Instead of being in-person trying to get the job you want, you’re interviewing from your living room through a computer screen. Be sure you look professional, just as you would if you were actually on an in-person interview.

You don’t want to have on a professional top and non-matching shorts, only to be asked to stand or change positions. To avoid any potential flops, dress head-to-toe in professional wear. Make sure your hair, makeup and face look clean as well.

Background Check

Since you’ll be on camera, it’s vital that you make sure the background behind you isn’t too crazy. Make sure you conduct your interview in a quiet area, with preferably a solid color wall. Whatever is behind you is what your employer will see while interviewing you. You don’t want your employer to be distracted with your décor and not give you the full attention you deserve. Strive for natural light, but if that’s unavailable turn on all of the lights in the room. You want to be completely visible to your potential employer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before your interview, play around with Skype. Practice how your voice sounds through the computer by filming a video. Should you talk louder? Or maybe softer depending on the how the microphone picks it up? Do you need to adjust the lighting? Make sure that your internet connection is strong so there aren’t any technical difficulties at the time of the interview.

If your internet connection is poor, the quality of the video can be altered, making it hard for your interviewer to see and hear you. Have a backup location ready, in case something happens with your connection.

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We’re far from caveman days but that doesn’t mean learning new ways to manage technology isn’t far from our grasp. It’s important to be open to learning new ways to approach different situations. Have you ever interviewed via Skype? If so, what tips can you share with the CGS community? Share a comment below to let us know your experiences!

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