#60: Career Goals, Negotiating and More with Lexi of Work Sugar

I worked in Corporate America for over 11 years and there was nothing more exciting than growing in the company.

Each move I made in the company came as a result of setting and achieving goals within my current position.

Not only would I be referred and recruited for bigger and better positions, I’d be given hefty raises too! Nowadays, employer hopping is viewed as a way to get more money faster, but if you do it right!

No matter where you work or what you do, there’s always bigger goals to be set and more money to be made. Just ask corporate HR Rep and Career Coach Lexi of Work Sugar.

In this episode, Lexi and I are talking about setting career goals, making career shifts, negotiating tactics and more!

Get ready to learn about making more money in your career, finding a job you love, negotiating the best way possible and more!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • [08:25] Want to grow in your career but unsure of what to do next? Lexi breaks down how you can put yourself in a position to grow in your current job.
  • [13:15] Knowing what you want, knowing what your skillset is and then sharing that with those around you is critical to your career growth.
  • [25:00] Lexi shares a story about a mistake at work and owning it. HR always knows the truth, so don’t hide from your mistakes!
  • [34:57] There are laws that govern salary and compensation ranges for large scale companies in the United States.
  • [45:00] Recruiters can tell when you’re job-hopping based on your resume. Managers looking for long-term players aren’t interested in consistent job-hopping.
  • [50:07] Lexi shares her love of Motion for staying organized with all of her calendars, tasks and to-do items.

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