Series: What Makes a Successful Budget Plan?

Series Video 1: What Makes a Successful Budget Plan?

Have you noticed that when you try to budget, it doesn’t seem to work?

You just can’t stick to it, or the numbers don’t seem to add up?

More than likely, you’re missing the key components that make up a successful budget plan!

In the first of four mini workshop series videos, I’m walking you through what makes a budget plan successful.

I start with establishing a common base line for every budget, so you understand the basics.

From there, I share categories that are likely to be in every person’s budget.

I move on to share a few key tips for success when it comes to creating and sticking to your budget plan.

Finally, I round out the video with what it actually looks like when your budget works like it should. This video will leave you motivated to re-do your budget and get it ready to work for you from here on out!

I hope this video gave you the insight and inspiration you needed to give budgeting a try (or another try)!

You’re capable of being a successful budgeter! You just need to know what to do!

Download the free Monthly Budget Overview Tracker to get the budget party started!

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