How To Save at the Grocery Store

How To Save at the Grocery Store

Sometimes a simple run to the grocery store for something small, can lead to a cart full of things you didn’t intend to get! Maybe you’re wondering how to save at the grocery store?! The CGS team has come up with 8 tips to help you save while grocery shopping.

After reading these tips, not only will your appetite be happy, your pockets will be happy too!

How to Save at the Grocery Store…

Tip #1

Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry! It’s like swimming with sharks that smell blood; you’re bound to find trouble. Shopping while hungry will lead you to picking up items that sound good but serve no purpose in your diet.

You may be tempted to buy things that look good at the time, but you really don’t need, which means unnecessary money spending.

Tip #2

If you think name brand items are better than the store brand products, then you may want to reconsider your thinking! Whether it’s cereal, sugar, or your favorite ice cream, generic brand items tend to be a lot cheaper and are usually made with the exact same ingredients that name brand products are made with!

This means more savings at the register if you are willing to give up the name brand label.

Tip #3

Sometimes when you shop alone, you don’t find distractions in purchasing things you don’t need. If you’re a mother, or simply just babysitting and run to the grocery store with kids, you discover that kids seem to want everything in the market.

Shopping with children can be a hassle in itself, its best to try and buy groceries when they aren’t around to help you save money!

Tip #4

This tip is the CGS Team’s favorite! Make a grocery list of all the things you need when making that particular trip (affiliate link)! Organize the products that are close together in the store for an easy, in and out experience.

Lists are great because they help you remember items that you need instead of winging it when you get to the store. This tip will help you save time, stress less and ultimately save money!

Tip #5

Paying attention to detail can change the way a person grocery shops. Located on the price tag is a barcode that states how much the product is being sold for.

Also, located on the barcode is a unit price. A unit price helps a shopper compare which brand really gives you the best deal for your money.

Tip #6

Purchasing fruit that is already sliced can cost more money. Fruits that already cut up are more expensive compared to buying fruit that isn’t because grocery stores are charging for the labor of cutting the fruit.

The fruit is the exact same, the only difference is you have to cut it yourself or you pay for someone else to cut it. You choose!

Tip #7


Pre-made salads can also be pricier than actually making a salad yourself. Although it is convenient and already washed, it does cost more than buying your own head of lettuce. Increase your savings at the register by making smart decisions in how you buy packaged food that serve the same purpose.

Tip #8

Every now and then, some products go on sale. We all know when an item is on sale it sells out quick. Not many shoppers are familiar with the rain check method.

Ask a store employee to help you find the specific item that is sold out and if they can’t locate it, suggest getting a rain check. A rain check is a voucher that allows you to purchase the item at the advertised price after the store has restocked it.

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With all these new amazing grocery tips, our CGS team is confident that you will save money at the register! What are your tips for saving money at the grocery store?

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-The CGS Team



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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about the rain check thing. That’s really cool, and a very helpful tip that a lot of people probably don’t know about. And as far as shopping when you’re hungry, I totally agree. I have done this many times after a workout and when I get to the register it seems like I bought the entire store. So definitely don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

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