Purse Passion: Rebecca Minkoff

It’s no surprise that the ladies of the CGS Team are big fans of Rebecca Minkoff; did you see the CGS Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff post? Not only is she a great designer of clothes and shoes, but an amazing designer of purses! The CGS Team’s purse passion is centered on Rebecca Minkoff now! We’re sharing our favorite bags, clutches and totes available now from the designer!









Like every girl, we have a thing for bags! And with prices like these, why not indulge every once in a while? 

Do you have any Rebecca Minkoff bags in your collection? Who’s your favorite purse designer? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on all things purses!

-The CGS Team



1 thought on “Purse Passion: Rebecca Minkoff”

  1. As a true purse lover I had been noticing bags designed by her quite often. When I was in the store a bag would catch my attention, when I would go take a look at the bag often times it would be a Rebecca Minkoff bag. I didn’t know much about the brand until just a few months ago, but I have come to be a fan of her style. Love to see great new talent in the fashion world!

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