What You Need to Start a Blog or Business

Here is a quick resource checklist to follow when you are looking to start your own blog or business!

  • Write a business plan. How will your business function and generate revenue?

  • You definitely need a mass email service provider. You will want to capture emails as soon as someone comes to your blog or website. GMass, ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp are great options.

  • Check to make sure your website name is available.

  • Check your state’s Secretary of State Website to make sure your business name isn’t already taken.

  • File the appropriate documentation with your state to officially form the business as a legal entity (DBA, LLC., Partnership, Corporation). If you aren’t sure of what entity to form, read The Rundown on Business Entities.

  • Purchase your domain name and website hosting. Bluehost offers competitive prices and has a variety of services.

  • If your business is anything besides a DBA, you will need a tax ID. You can get this through the IRS.

  • Choose your blogging platform. WordPress is extremely popular for blogs. Tumblr is also a great option.

  • Create the social media platforms for your blog or business.

  • Consider a social media scheduler like ViralTag to make social media posting as easy as possible.

  • Decide on a theme for your blog. Once you have the theme, dive in and start writing!



7 thoughts on “What You Need to Start a Blog or Business”

  1. Such an informative article! Thanks for the tip about the mass email service provider, seems like a huge lifesaver!

  2. I love that you have the whole process laid out! Very helpful to reference considering how much work it can be to start your own business or blog.

  3. Great post! It’s always much more helpful when these processes are laid out in an easy to follow list. No need to parse through each line for information

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