Money Saving Apps: 3 Awesome Apps to Help You Save More

Technology is so advanced these days, you can save money with little to no effort on your part! If you can’t find the time to save, or don’t think you can actually afford to, consider one of the apps below! The CGS Team is sharing 3 awesome, money saving apps that help you save more money without having to do anything. Little effort for big results? Sign us up!

Our 3 favorite money saving apps are…


We love Digit! How it works is, you signup online or through the app, link your most active checking account, and wait. Digit has a special algorithm that tracks your spending habits and frequency, then transfers small amounts of money to your “Digit” savings account. You can opt to increase or decrease the frequency of digit transfers. You can also opt for texts and check-ins when you reach milestones in your digit account. No fees now, but it will be moving to $2.99 a month.


Want to start investing but don’t know where to start? Try Stash! For as little as $5, you can start investing. Stash allows you to invest in things you believe in. Users can choose from a selection of ETFs (exchange traded funds), which are conveniently named so they can clearly see what each investment stands for. You can add money into your Stash account at your convenience. Stash charges $1 a month for accounts under $5000, and .25% a year for accounts over $5000.


Essentially a mix of Digit and Stash, Acorns links to your debit or credit card, then rounds up each purchase to the nearest dollar and invests that change in low-cost ETFs. This is the perfect app if you want to invest, but don’t want to have a set amount delegated to those investments. Just like Stash, Acorns charges $1 a month for accounts under $5000 and .25% a year for accounts over $5000.


All of these apps are great options for the person who wants to save more money! Try one or all three and see the progress you can make with very little action on your part! Have you tried any of the apps above? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below to share!

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3 thoughts on “Money Saving Apps: 3 Awesome Apps to Help You Save More”

  1. I use Digit and I love it! I’m a little bummed that they are starting to charge for having it, but I’ve saved over $400 in 4 months with Digit, and I haven’t touched it yet!

    1. The Acorns website says “For accounts ​of​ $5,000 ​or more​, pay only 0.25% per year. Free for college students with a valid .edu address for up to four years from date of registration.” – Otherwise, you’d be right – .25% per month is way too much!

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