How’d She Do It? Simply Founder Sarah Boyd

Sarah Boyd, a name that’s popular amongst the stylish and tech-savvy women. Sarah is the founder and creative force behind the brand Simply. If you aren’t familiar with her work then we assure you, bloggers and tech-savvy women are familiar with her events. From conferences to workshops, Sarah’s empire is growing out of this world. Our CGS team is taking notes and putting pen to paper, check out how Sarah started and grew Simply to the global brand it is today.

 Sarah had many years of experience in fashion from a Public Relations stand point. As she continued her PR career, she noticed the lack of opportunities in the fashion and beauty world, from a technology and connection standpoint. She had a vision, and wasn’t going to stop until she saw it come to life. Her vision contained an inviting space for people with similar interests to learn and connect with one another.

After 10 years in the industry and working hard to build a solid list of contacts, in 2012, Sarah Boyd created Simply Inc. It was originally created as an agency that people would hire to specialize in events and brand collaborations. Shortly after her company was created, she still noticed there were gaps between consumers and the industries they were consuming from. She wanted to bridge the gap between the two groups by creating an event where the two worlds can come together.

The first event she threw was a success! Sarah was able to bring together knowledgeable panelists to share how they broke out into the industry and share their thoughts and experiences. As the two worlds seemed to go hand in hand with each other, creating what we know today as the Simply Stylist conference. Sarah has been named as “the dot connector” because of her ability to bring people of like-mindedness together. Now Simply Stylists conferences are held around the world (most recently in Dubai) and feature a wide variety of industry professionals who are willing to share their stories.

Her latest branch of Simply is the SIMPLY Digital Network which is an agency that manages celebrity bloggers. This new venture will help stylists, bloggers, and industry experts execute their digital strategy for their brands. Aside from that, she continues to host her own workshops, and post daily to her blog. Amongst her accomplishments, Sarah has added Simply conference to her business, as well as features in reputable sources such as Forbes, Claire magazine and the network E! Her empire is growing and there are no limits to how far she will go.  In 2017, Sarah completed a successful acquisition for SIMPLY with NYLON who is now the parent company and Sarah holds the position of President of West Coast Operations for NYLON as well as Founder of SIMPLY.

Speaking from experience, Simply events are so uplifting, and encouraging! In many cases, it takes just one relationship to jump start your career. It’s been said a few people have made connections so strong that career opportunities have been offered to them. Here’s my take on the Simply event I attended a few years ago:

“My Simply experience was without a doubt one of the best events I’ve been to in a while. There are so many people in one space with the same passion! There was a knowledgeable panel discussion with bloggers, stylist, and editors sharing gems that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Besides the phenomenal panel of experts, there were workshops, company brands, and tons of food and beverages. If you were to ask me would I attend again, I would without hesitation say yes! Simply events are a great way to network, and build life long lasting relationships. If you are trying to take your career to the next level I highly recommend you attend the next one in your city.”


Have you ever been to a Simply event or something similar to one? Share your thoughts on Sarah and the Simply brand by leaving a comment below!

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