How to Pulse Check Your Money

When it comes to your financial situation, it’s important to set goals and keep tabs on your progress along the way. If you aren’t setting goals, then what are you really working towards? And, if you aren’t keeping tabs on your progress, how do you know if you will actually reach your goals? The ability to pulse check your money at the end of each month will help!

I am a firm believer in pulse checking your money and progress at the end of each month. I do month end money pulse checks myself, I help clients complete their month end money pulse checks, and this past January, I started to go live at the end of each month to share my results.

In the video below, I break down exactly how to pulse check your money at the end of each month, and share my month end money pulse check results for January. I hope this encourages you to start pulse checking your money each month. It’s a great way to pinpoint areas of opportunity, celebrate wins, and make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

Here is a quick recap on how to pulse check your money:

  • Refer to your budget

  • Refer to your spending

  • Refer to your goals

Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did anything unexpected come up to throw off my budget? Should I budget for it moving forward?

  • What areas did I overspend in? What areas did I under spend in?

  • Did I spend more money than I made this month?

  • How much did I contribute to my goals? Am I on track to reach my goal savings amount by my deadline?

Your answers will help you plan your budget better for next month! You may even realize spending patterns you didn’t know you had. This will allow you to make changes to help you save more and manage your money better.

My January month end money pulse check results:

  • I use a budget and spending tracker, which allows me to complete the best pulse check

  • I didn’t make as much as I expected. My raise from work (thanks to a promotion) started two weeks later than expected.

  • I went to Las Vegas for a weekend, unexpectedly. This meant my “Fun” spending was more than planned.

  • I overspent in some areas (Food, Fun) and under spent in other areas (Gas, Bills) which lead me to be under budget this month by $200.

  • I created accounts for 2 new savings goals

Like I mentioned earlier, I hope my pulse check tutorial and results helps you to start this habit on your own! I will be going live at the end of each month on the City Girl Savings Facebook page to recap how to pulse check and sharing my results for the month. More money pulse checks are coming!

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