How to Politely Quit Your Job

How to Politely Quit Your Job

Quitting your job is never an easy task. Whether you’re no longer happy in your position or you found something better, finding the right words to let your employer know you’re done can be hard. It’s important to never base your decision off of impulse. This should be a decision fully thought out; after all, this was a position that was helping you pay your bills.

The CGS team has a few tips on how to politely let your employer know that you will be leaving the company. Be sure to read 5 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job before making any quick decisions!

Be Polite

Quitting your job can already seem unkind because your employer isn’t expecting it. Do your best to nice and polite about the situation. Tone and delivery is everything, so be self-aware when speaking to your boss. Even though you are departing from the company, you still want to leave on a nice note. You never know when you may need a reference in the future. Always try to leave on a good note. If you can deliver your two weeks as politely as possible, you can avoid a potential burned bridge.

Keep It Professional

Ask if you could speak to your boss in private, that way it wont be a distraction to the rest of the company. You always want to maintain a sense of professionalism. When you ask to speak to your boss, let him/her know that you appreciate what the company has provided you thus far. Remember to not talk negative about the company, and focus solely on your departure.

Thank your employer and inform them that that leaving the company is the best decision for you at this time. If your experience with the company wasn’t the best, it can be tempting to leave with a few choice words. Avoid this at all costs! As we mentioned earlier, you may need a recommendation or a reference from the company that you previously left on bad terms.

Do Your Research

If you are unsure of how to go about informing your employer that you are quitting, reach out to your company’s HR Department. They can let you know if you have to submit a written two weeks’ notice, or if you can verbally quit. Doing your research ahead of time will allow you to prepare yourself in the case you don’t get to leave your job right away. Most companies require you to finish out your two weeks to remain re-hirable and in good standing with the company.

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Having the “quit” talk with your manager can work some nerves. Try rehearsing what you’re going to say to your manager with a friend. As long as you keep it polite and professional, you will have no problem. Have you had to leave a job? How did you approach the conversation? Comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with the CGS community!

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