How to Be “That Girl” on a Budget

One thing I have noticed about the 2022/“post-pandemic” world is that personal development and self-care are really trendy now. I’m not too surprised though, as I think the past couple of years have taught us to appreciate each moment and realize that the whole world can change at any time. 

A subtopic in the personal development/personal growth space, is the “Hot Girl” (or any gender) mindset, or the social media trend that showcases envisioning you as your best self and showing up as that version of yourself everyday.

Even Beyoncé got in on the action, by starting her “Renaissance” album with a song called “I’m That Girl”. I mean, if Beyoncé sings about it, we need to pay attention haha! But as a City Girl saver, I want to share with you some ways you can be “That Girl”, just not at Beyoncé-net worth level…yet! 

Cook at Home More

Yes – this is a very obvious tip. Seriously eating out/ordering take-out can wreak havoc on both our waistlines and our wallets. There is nothing wrong with eating out and/or ordering takeout in the society we live in (if you cook everyday, you’re incredible), but it’s also important to be mindful just how much we spend on eating out, especially if we do have financial goals to reach. 

Now I’m not saying to never eat out (especially with friends and loved ones) or to never have a lazy day where you do not want to see a pot or pan – that’s just unrealistic. All I’m saying is to be mindful and intentional of where you spend and how much. You can even use the opportunity to learn a new recipe(s), fall in love with cooking, and then you can invite some friends over for dinner parties! 

For those who claim they do not have time to go grocery shopping, there’s now resources like InstaCart and some stores will let you shop for groceries on their website/app and you can just pick up your items at the store! If you’re daunted by the time that cooking takes, there are so many 10-minute recipes online and never underestimate the power of an air fryer

Workout at Home

You’ll see in every “That Girl” morning routine blog video that part of being “that girl” is taking your physical health seriously and doing some kind of activity that keeps you active. Now, most people go to the gym where monthly fees can range from $10 – $300+/month, depending on what kind of gym it is and what’s included in the membership. 

However, when the pandemic occurred, we all had to learn how to stay active without the luxury of going to a gym. We had to get used to working out at home. After being a longtime LA Fitness member, I decided to continue working out at home, and I’ve actually got into the best shape of my life without going to a gym!

I officially traded in my LA Fitness membership (where I was paying $25/month) for YouTube Free Fitness, and I’m so thankful to those content creators who supply free ways to get in shape!

Besides having to not pay a membership fee, I believe I like working out at home more than a traditional gym because I can follow along in activities that are not normally offered at gyms. For instance, my actual preferred ways of getting cardio in are walking and dancing, so I look for walking videos with instructors who incorporate music and I look for salsa, hip-hop, and belly dancing videos.

I do the same for strength-training videos too, and it’s something to look forward to because of how fun they are. Amazon has some really good and inexpensive weights too, in case you wanted to really start building your “That Girl” at-home gym.

Check Out Your Library/Borrow Books 

I wanted to include a tip that could involve getting out of the house (being on a budget isn’t just about staying inside). Part of the “That Girl” era aesthetic is gaining knowledge, and of course, reading is always the first thing that comes to mind for learning new things.

However, something I know I have been guilty of in the past is buying so many books that I want to read, but never getting around to reading them. Want to know what’s on my bookcase? A bunch of books that I have yet to read and blank journals/notebooks! 

So, something that WE can do is check our local libraries for the books we want to read. This does three things:

  1. Saves us money (library cards are usually free within your jurisdiction)
  2. Gives us a sense of urgency/deadline to actually read the book (usually you can check out a book for 2 weeks, then renew, but dependent on the library)
  3. Gives us a chance to explore our amazing local public libraries

Another thing you can do is borrow books from fellow book lovers. Why buy a book if you know someone who has the book or will buy the book? This is especially true for books that are popular or hyped in the media. For instance, I remember when First Lady Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming” was coming out (her book tour looked lovely).

I knew I wanted to own the book, so I let my mom, sister, and grandmother know that I was going to buy the book, so they could just borrow my book and rotate! It was a win for all of us because it instilled in me a sense of urgency since I knew they were waiting for me to hurry and read it!

I am also doing this with the Harry Potter books, as I’ve never read the books, but one of my best friends has all the books (apparently a lot of people do, haha). 

Last but not least, if you prefer to read your books on your phone/tablet or if you prefer to listen to audiobooks, sometimes a membership for a subscription like Audible is the cheaper option than buying books. I think it just depends on what kind of book consumer you are.

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Getting your finances in order while on your self-love journey is how you take steps into reaching financial freedom!

What ways are you incorporating financial self-care into your life? What ways do you treat yourself within budget? Has your relationship with money caused you to over-indulge in other areas of your life? Let me know!

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