Gym Class Etiquette

Gym class etiquette is necessary, but not always implemented. We’ve all been to the gym and seen the group of people in the large room sweating, moving and panting! Those are the brave souls who take on the different classes at the gym. Cardio, weight training, cycling, Zumba, and many other options are available to gym members.

Have you been considering a class but decided against it? Maybe you don’t really know the rules of working out with a group of strangers. The CGS Team is sharing a few key need-to-know items when it comes to participating in group classes at the gym. Get ready to get your gym class etiquette up!

Arrive Early

Remember how annoying it was in school when someone would come in late and make a scene? Don’t be that person when it comes to gym class! Make sure you arrive with enough time to find a good spot and start with the group. Imagine coming in late, having nowhere to stand, and taking the attention off the instructor. It’s not a pretty picture!

Give a Little Room

A key component of gym class etiquette is to always leave a little room around you. You don’t want to be all up in a person’s space, and likely, you wouldn’t want someone in your space. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are taking a cardio class, you may need to leave extra room for the workout moves. If you are in a dance class, as staggered line may be best. Even if the class is full, some distance is a necessity.

Keep the Scents to a Minimum

Never skip deodorant, duh! We know you know that already, but spraying on perfume or body mist before going to a class may not be the best idea. Some people are sensitive to smells, and since you are likely in a classroom with other people, the scent will linger in the room. There’s nothing wrong with being fresh, but when it comes to gym class, save the perfume for later.

Stay Focused

Attending the class with a friend? Tempted to check your cell phone? Getting distracted not only takes away from your workout, but it can also distract others from there’s. If you are taking a class with a friend, avoid excess chatting and laughing. You both should be there to workout, the fun stuff can happen after class. Turn your cell phone on silent if you are bringing your bag in the room. Nothing’s more annoying than a cell phone going off in class! Prep your mind before the class. You are there to get a great workout in, not to be distracted. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Sit Down or Exit Quietly

If you find yourself out of breath or needing to take a break, quietly sit down in an open spot in the back. Need to leave early? Take a chance to leave when the class is breaking in between moves. Do your best to sneak out without distracting or conflicting with other class members.

Clean the Equipment When You’re Done

This is gym etiquette in general, but it’s especially important when you’re in a class. Did you use a yoga mat? Did you sweat all over the bike machine? Most gyms have paper towels and cleaning products readily available for members. Do your due diligence and clean off your sweaty equipment once class is over.

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When it comes to gym class, it doesn’t take much to be a disruption! Always keep your surroundings in mind, and be courteous to the other class members. You wouldn’t like your class ruined by a self-absorbed person, right? Are you a fan of group classes at the gym? Have you experienced any bad behavior by classmates? We want to hear about your experiences! Leave a comment below, and let’s chat!

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “Gym Class Etiquette”

  1. Actually, one of the reasons why I don’t take group classes is because there is not enough space! I thinking getting there early may help me get a good space for the workout.

  2. I love group classes! I have had a few bad experiences especially when people come in late to a quiet class, like yoga. If you are late to yoga I recommend finding a place in the back of the room and if you can’t find a place to sneak in quietly it might be better to skip that class. But group workouts are great for motivation, I definitely recommend them.

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