Great Places to Buy Plus Size Workout Gear

The “when you feel good, you do good” type of mentality never hurt anyone! As a matter of fact, the team over at City Girl Savings live by that mentality. Typically, when you don’t feel good about yourself or your situation, you don’t always get the same results as if you were to feel good. Plus size workout gear should make you feel good, ladies!

By feeling good we don’t mean health wise, we’re actually referring to how we feel in our clothes. You might hear a few athletes mention that when they wear certain apparel they feel good, which helps them perform better. The same can go for women who enjoy working out but want to feel good while doing it! Check out these 4 great places to purchase fashionable plus-size workout gear!

Old Navy

Don’t sleep on Old Navy athletic wear! If you haven’t shopped here for workout stuff before, now you should! Old Navy offers some of the most affordable fitness gear along with cute, fun accessories. Sizes range from extra small to 4x, leaving no size feeling left out. Most athletic wear is typically dull and boring. Old Navy provides its consumers with fun, colorful prints to let your personality shine through.


You’ve seen their cute commercials and probably assumed its audience has only one size, but you’re wrong. Fabletics accommodates to all sizes for all workout activities! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing cardio, yoga, or busting out your favorite hike trail, Fabletics is great for everything.  Don’t let Kate Hudson being the face of the brand fool you, this brand goes up to sizes like XXL. The stylish fashions can even be rocked to social settings that have nothing to do with working out. Fabletics offers dressier athleisure options for a fun rest-day look which is every lady’s go-to for running errands.

Xersion at JC Penney

Trying to find items that you love and that are in season can be stressful and sometimes emotional. No one wants to wear things that appear to be outdated, let alone not flattering. JC Penney is known for its amazing selection of clothes from business to nightlife, and now they’re adding athletic wear to their resume. Xersion at JC Penney is great for those looking for fitness apparel while still keeping it trendy. Sizes range from 0X to 3X, there’s a style and size for every curvy fitness freak.

Livi Active by Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has always been known for their fashion forward trends, so it’s no surprise their fitness line is no different. From leggings to sport bras, this line is full of fashionable items you wouldn’t want to miss. Livi is sure to have something for all workout styles! Whether you like sporty, chic, or even just fabulous, Livi is the place to shop for that perfect workout fit. The popular Foiled Strappy-Back Active Tank has a metallic finish and open back for a sporty yet on-trend look which can only be found at Lane Bryant.


It doesn’t matter what size you are, what matters is how you feel! Being comfortable in your skin is important, not just for your own well-being, but for all the young girls that are looking up to you without you knowing. Finding workout gear that flatters your shape while still giving you the room to workout is always a steal. Have you worn any workout apparel from the stores we shared? If so, did you love them or hate them? What other stores carry amazing workout gear that you love? Check us out and stay connected with us through Twitter & IG @citygirlsavings. Also, like us on Facebook and keep up with us on the latest!

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