How to Go Curly to Straight Damage-Free

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think going from curly hair to straight hair or vice versa is easy. Don’t get us wrong it isn’t as difficult as you may imagine but going from one to the other without damaging your hair can be more than meets the eye. It’s important to take care of your hair whether it’s straight or curly. If your goal is to have healthy hair, taking the proper steps in managing each style is vital. The CGS Team is showing you how to go from curly to straight damage free.

Wash and conditioning

Everyone’s hair type is different. It’s important to realize the type of hair you have so you can get the proper products to maintain healthy hair. It doesn’t matter if you hair is thick or thin, there are products made specifically for your hair type to keep it healthy and beautiful. Washing your hair is a vital step in going from curly to straight.

Ridding your hair of dirt, built up grease and other hair products will help your scalp breath. A healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair! After washing your hair it’s essential for you to condition, conditioning maintains your hair’s natural oil, even after straightening. Check out the CGS Beauty Picks: Hair Masks article to see our favorite deep-conditioning masks.


The next step in achieving straight hair is the drying process. There are two ways of drying your hair, blow-drying or air-drying. Depending on your hair type and how much time you have, you’ll have a better idea of which drying process to choose.  If your hair is naturally fine, air-drying is a great way to skip the heat and still end with straight locks.

If your hair is naturally curly, it’s best to blow-dry. Be sure to apply a heat protective spray or serum to shield your hair from the heat caused by blow-drying. Read how to properly blow-dry your hair for our tips on the blow-drying process.  Heat protective hair products protect your hair from drying as well as give it that natural sheen and bounce you want!


Now this is the step we’ve all been waiting for, the straightening part. Prepping your flat iron to the right temperature is vital when straightening. If the temperature is too low, your hair won’t get as straight as you’d like, and if it’s too high you risk damaging it. If you have a flat iron that doesn’t have a temperature setting, then skip the worry! If your flat iron does, opt for the middle setting.

Once you have your temperature set, section off your hair. Sectioning your hair helps you keep track of which strands need straightening, as well as avoiding applying excessive amounts of heat to the same section. When straightening your hair, try using a comb instead of a brush. Comb through strands immediately after your flat iron has been applied. This will allow for a sleek, straight look. Also, using a comb will lessen the amount of hair that comes out compared to a brush.


Straightening your hair doesn’t have to result in damage. With the right products and the right technique, you can go from curly to straight damage free! What straightening tips can you share? How often do you typically straighten your hair? What products do you use to protect your hair? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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  1. Great read! I’ve been growing my hair out for 6+ years with consistent straightening. If you know how to protect your hair, you can put heat on it and still have it grow!

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