The Fruit that Gets Rid of Acne Scars

There’s no better feeling than getting rid of acne. Whether you had it bad in your teen years, or dealt with pimples as an adult, when they’re gone, we’re ecstatic! But what about those pesky scars that follow acne? The gross, red pimples are gone, but now you’re left with a mini-crater. Acne effects everyone differently, however the CGS Team has found an unlikely fruit to help you minimize the appearance of your scars once and for all!

Lemon is the fruit that gets rid of acne scars

Some days you may feel like you don’t want to wear any make up and go natural, and then you take a look in the mirror and realize that isn’t the greatest idea. Acne scarring is such a damper! It can be annoying and it can hinder our self-confidence, which can make a good day go bad. We shouldn’t have to second guess if we want to go make up free or not! The solution to your problems may already be in your refrigerator, and if it’s not, it’s a quick trip to the store away!

The single best ingredient to help reduce the appearance of acne scars is a lemon! Apply fresh lemon juice to your skin 15 minutes before washing with your preferred face wash. The juice from lemons is known for its natural bleaching ingredients that lighten your acne scars. After you’ve washed the juice off of your face, apply moisturizer to avoid dry skin from the citric acid found in the lemon. Try using this organic method a couple times a week and before you know those dark scars will be gone!

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It’s good to start off trying natural, home-made remedies before spending a lot of money on facial products. Typically the solution to all of our problems is always right under our noses.  Lemons are great for a variety of things, and removing acne scars is one of them! Have you dealt with acne or acne-scarring in the past? What products have worked for you to get rid of scarring? We want to know what works for you! Leave a comment below to share. You may be helping someone on their journey to clearer skin!

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “The Fruit that Gets Rid of Acne Scars”

  1. I love lemons! I add them with my water all the time. I have found that the Yes to Cucumber and Yes to Carrot brand works well for my face. I use the cucumber as my daily moisturizer after washing my face with the carrot daily cleanser. I also use witch hazel right after cleansing my face most days before applying my moisturizer. I will have to try the lemon, though.

  2. I know there are quite a few uses for lemons, but I had no idea that they could help acne scarring. Unfortunately, I still have some minor scars from acne in my early twenties, so I will be giving this a try!

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