How Financially Successful People Think About Money

There’s something so inspiring about financially successful people. These people built something from ground up and turned it into wealth and success for themselves. They took a risk on something someone else wouldn’t and it paid off. Their actions of the course of their lives lead them to the success they have now. 

So, how do they think about money now that they have it? The CGS Team has done some research to pinpoint how financially successful people view money and what thought process they have around building and maintaining their wealth.

Financially successful people think minimum over maximum.

One of the basic principles of money management is that you MUST earn more than you spend. Financially successful people understand and implement this principle. They live well below their means to avoid more money going out than they have coming in. Financially successful people know that living beyond their means hurts their finances and keeps them from reaching their financial goals.

How can you get this mindset? Start with a budget. See what money you currently have coming in and what is going out. Use this information to start making adjustments to your spending. Make it a point to avoid living above your means. Then, work to live within your means. Then, work to live below your means. Download the free 40 Ways to Cut Back Cheat Sheet for ideas on cutting back.

Financially successful people think about making more money.

The average millionaire has 7 sources of income. This statistic certainly sets apart the common folk from the financially successful. Financially successful people know that one source of income isn’t enough to take them to the next level. Using that source of income to create a second, third and fourth source of income is what takes them to the next level.

How can you get this mindset? Outside of your normal job, think of other ways you can bring in some money, even if it’s not much. Create an eBay store and sell your old stuff. Start a side hustle and charge for it. Babysit, house-sit or become a nanny. Do something that brings in more money, excel at it, and then focus on expanding it or working on something else.

Financially successful people don’t think about their savings.

“When you make your first million, be proud. Then put it away in sound investments so it can multiply and act like you don’t have it.” Millionaire model and entrepreneur Stephanie Adams couldn’t have put it any better. Financially successful people put a specific amount into savings (savings that result in growth, of course) and then forget about it. They never tap into that savings unless dire emergencies come up.

How can you get this mindset? Start putting a small amount of money away each month into a savings account that isn’t as easily accessible as your normal savings account. Think an online savings account or an IRA. Make it a point not to touch your savings at all costs. Eventually, it will grow.

Financially successful people know where their money is going.

Financially successful people know the ins and outs of their money. Not only do they have a budget, but they have a tracking system in place to see where their money actually goes. They know everything about their money, which puts them in financial control.

How can you get this mindset? Create a budget (like we mentioned above) and start tracking your spending.

Financially successful people think long term.

If the choice is a new car right now or a new house in 1 year, a financially successful person will pick the house. Financially successful people think in long term increments. Instead of focusing on what they want right this minute, they turn their attention to what their goal purchase is. They know that the financial decisions they make today impact their future.

How can you get this mindset? Start thinking about each purchase you make. Is this something you truly need? How does this help you get towards your financial goal? If the purchase is simply something you want because you want to feel good, think twice. Start focusing on purchasing things you need, until you have reached your goals.

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The one thing you will notice about each of the ways financially successful people think about money is that anyone can have that same mindset! Start shifting how you view money and try to take a long-term approach to your purchases. With time, with more income, and with more savings, you will become one of those financially successful people. Do you currently have any of the mindsets above? How do you think about money? What is your weakness when it comes to spending? Post a comment below to get a discussion going!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! I love learning, especially from people who have mastered something – even if I feel successful and knowledgeable in an area, I always feel there is more to learn. Great read!

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