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It’s amazing to think about how far technology has come over the years. The first computer was the size of an entire room, now we have one that fits in the palm of our hand. Just think of all the amazing things we have achieved over the past 70 years. More recently, technology and fashion have been melded together to bring us some innovative accessories. Things like smart watches, phone charger handbags, and more. Here are a few great products coming to or already on the market.

Smart Watches

These bad boys can do it all. They can be linked to your phone to make your life easier. Answer calls, texts, track steps, even draw with your watch. With interchangeable wrist bands your watch can match any and all of your outfits.

Charger Bags

Kate Spade has partnered with Everpurse to bring you a great statement handbag that can charge your phone wire-free. That’s right I said, wire-free. Unfortunately, it is only for iPhones right now, but the possibilities are endless. I have no doubt in my mind that soon we won’t need to use wires to charge our phones.

Structurally Engineered Heels

Heels that don’t hurt your feet after the first five mins of wearing them, sounds impossible, right? Well, gone are the days of carrying flats to change into. Thesis Couture has made a heel that has been engineered by rocket scientists so you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. The design is different for each foot making them the best possible fit for you. These must-have stilettos will be on the market soon.

Crazy, right?! What fashionable technology do you currently have? What do you think would be an innovative product that merges fashion and technology? Post a reply below to share!

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