Business Travel Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Business Travel

Some of us are lucky enough to consistently travel for work, while others take an occasional business trip every now and then. Regardless of your travel situation with work, there are certain etiquette requirements to follow when you do get to travel.  The CGS Team is sharing a few Dos and Don’ts to follow when your job requires you to travel.

Business Travel Tips…

Do Check Company Travel Policies

Most companies have specific policies and procedures governing employee travel. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these policies to ensure you are staying within your company’s guidelines.  Company’s also offer a specific per diem for food and lodging when traveling. Depending on where you are traveling to, the per Diem may be higher or lower. Check this information out before your trip.

Don’t Be Late

This is a travel requirement, regardless if it’s for work or not. However, it’s much more critical to be on time when you are getting paid to travel. Make sure you allow for airport and flight delays on travel days. Also, be sure to give yourself enough time to get to meetings and conferences when commuting through a new city.

Do Pack and Dress Appropriately

Remember, this is a business trip. If you happen to run into a co-worker or someone from your company, you don’t want to get caught off guard with what you are wearing. Always dress appropriately, even for the flight.  Make sure you pack necessary basics for the trip as well. Blazers, suiting, slacks and closed-toe shoes should work perfectly.  If you work in a casual profession, dress a step above the rest.

Don’t Pack Everything

This is a business trip, and likely only a few days. If you do need to check in a bag, make sure it is acceptable as outlined in your company’s travel procedures. What if you have to pay for it? We recommend you play it safe and pack everything in a small, rolling bag that can be carried-on the flight with you.

Do Keep Your Receipts

Whether you have a corporate card for business travel, receive a stipend, or get reimbursed for your expenses, make sure you always keep your receipts.  This is especially needed when you have to front the costs and get reimbursed later.  It’s likely that alcohol is not a covered business expense, so if you do want to drink, plan on paying for it yourself (and make sure you don’t get anywhere close to being drunk).

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Whether you met with potential clients, worked with new colleagues, or participated in a conference or training, there’s someone deserving of a thank you for the trip. It’s a small and trivial task, but it speaks volumes about your character. Send your thank you emails while waiting for your flight the next day!

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Proper etiquette is an absolute necessity when traveling for professional purposes. Do you travel for work? What travel protocol do you follow to make sure you are always staying your most professional self? What do you think about drinking when on a business trip? We want to get a discussion going around this topic, so leave a comment below to participate!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I spent a lot of time traveling for work last year, and I agree with all of these points! Enjoy the situation, but make sure it’s in line with what your company requires!

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