6 Business Etiquette Rules to Follow Now

The standards for personal and business etiquette are completely different. What you would say and do with a friend is much different than what you would say and do with a business partner or potential client. Unfortunately, business etiquette rules are not taught in school. As we move our way through the real world, it’s up to use to determine the right actions to take. Here’s hoping we do the right thing!

Well, taking the time to brush up on your business etiquette can help. Regardless of your current situation, there will be a time when understanding the rules of business etiquette will help you. So, take notes! The CGS Team is sharing 6 business etiquette rules to implement and follow immediately.

#1: Always stand when you are being introduced.

Barbara Patcher, author of The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success, states “Standing helps establish your presence. You make it easy for others to ignore you if you don’t stand.

If you are caught off guard and cannot rise, you should lean forward to indicate that you would stand, if you could.” You certainly do not want to be ignored, and you also want to show respect to the new person you are meeting. Standing during an introduction can help in multiple ways.

#2: Never share personal information over work email and instant messaging.

Unless you are comfortable with the entire company reading your message, don’t say anything personal over company communications. We have all heard horror stories about people sending an inappropriate message to the wrong party, or shared “classified” gossip that spread like wildfire. To avoid ever being the direct source of such work scandal, keep the personal information and gossip out of company communications.

#3: Always arrive on time for meetings.

Hosts of meetings – virtual or face to face – should always arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of the meeting start time. This is important to work out any potential connection kinks, and be available for early attendees. If you are a meeting attendee, arriving on time is respectful, professional and courteous. Things come up short notice, so if you are running late, it’s proper etiquette to let the host know.

#4: Turn off electronics during meetings.

Have you ever been in a virtual meeting and someone asked a specific person a question? Then, that person either didn’t respond or asked if the question could be repeated? Multi-tasking or focusing on other things during a meeting (virtual or in person), shows a lack of interest.

It’s important to get rid of all distractions. According to success coach Royale Scuderi, “When you’re in a meeting, focus on the meeting discussion. Don’t take calls, text or check e-mail. It’s disrespectful to the other attendees, not to mention, extremely annoying. It also makes meetings last longer because the participants keep losing focus.”

#5: Never forget the “Thank You”.

Did you just score a new client? Maybe you interviewed someone for your job. Whenever a situation constitutes a “thank you”, don’t ever forget to say it! In fact, written thank you notes are best. Not only will this differentiate you from others – who sends thank you notes anymore? It will show your gratitude to the person who is receiving the letter of thanks.

#6: Master the “Business Lunch”.

Etiquette for dining and business is a whole different ball game! Check out The Art of the Business Lunch to see Hubspot’s etiquette tips for making a good impression during a business lunch.


When it comes to your career, your place of work, and your business, the safe approach is always a good way to go. Remember the basics. Shaking hands during introductions, making eye contact, and showing a genuine interest can all go a long way, as well as the tips above!

What business etiquette rules do you always follow? Have you ever been in a difficult work situation? If so, how did you get out of it? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, tips and experiences!

-The CGS Team



1 thought on “6 Business Etiquette Rules to Follow Now”

  1. great post!!
    Sometimes we forget that we are in a business setting. A few times at work, people (including myself) are more into their phones that the presenter.
    This also transalates into other areas of our lives as well. I was recently on a date, and the guy even though had his 100% attention on me..was checking his phone for updates on the game LOL

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