Dating Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Dating is always exciting in the beginning of every new and budding relationship. To say you know the person after only a short while is a lie, no matter how much we want to believe it. In fact, we never really know a person for who they are until after a couple of months, at least. Once you are at that point, there are a few dating red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

In many cases we as humans only show our “representative”.  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary representative means serving as a typical or characteristic example. When a person shows you the real them, believe them the first time. Check out these 6 dating red flags you should keep in mind when swimming in the dating pond.

Works Too Much

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being honest to the person you’re dating, after all the whole point is to get to know one another. But if there isn’t any time to actually get to know the individual because of their job, it can be somewhat difficult.

Working too much and not making time for someone they care about is definitely a red flag for several reasons. The first, they aren’t making you a priority and if they don’t make you a priority then you will easily come last. Of course having a job is what pays the bills and that’s okay, but knowing when to leave work at work is awfully important.


There is a fine line of being funny and being disrespectful. Having a person constantly making fun of you and border line disrespecting you is an enormous red flag. How a person makes you feel speaks volume and should not be thrown to the waist side.

If the joke is always made at your expense and in front of large crowds, then definitely keep in mind and share with the person that you don’t like it. If time and time again they continue, then you should run as far away from them as possible. No one should endure any level of disrespect from someone that “cares” about them.

Lack of Communication

The tool of communication is very important in all relationships. In order to voice your wants, concerns, or gratitude towards someone or something, communication is the tool to use. The beginning of every relationship, two people must be able to communicate the things they like and don’t like, otherwise the relationship wont flourish. Not everyone communicates the same, and that’s okay! However, if the other person isn’t willing to communicate at all, take notice and don’t waste your time.

Commitment Phobia

We have all heard of serial daters; they date several people within a short time frame with no commitment at all. Many people are actually fearful of being committed to a person for whatever reason it is.

When the time is right, be sure to have a conversation about where you see the relationship going. Knowing that that the two of you are working towards a common goal is better than not knowing and ending up heartbroken.

When a person tells you that they don’t want a relationship, don’t try to sway the person into making them feel you are the right person. Take it like a grain of salt, and keep it pushing! There are some people who are perfectly fine being a serial dater and dating other serial daters.

Jealousy is disgusting! It consumes nothing but the negativity of relationships and you can spot it a mile away. Dating someone who is jealous is toxic in itself. A major red flag is if they are constantly accusing you of doing things with other people when you aren’t. Texting people who are truly your friends but they believe they aren’t.

Other examples can be them snooping through your social media comments and jumping to random conclusions only to make you feel bad. Actions speak louder than words. If your actions are innocent and they can’t see that, then you need to move on to someone who will appreciate them, not tear them down.

Consumes too much Alcohol

Happy hour and social drinking is all fun and games until one drink too much can lead to the worst. If the person you are dating is constantly consuming alcohol just to function, there is definitely a red flag that needs to be addressed. Drinking alcohol all day every day is unhealthy and can lead to ruinous behavior.

Sometimes alcohol is used to cover up underlying issues that’s bothering the other person. If you notice the intake is increasing too much, ask before you make assumptions. Communicate with your partner how the drinking makes you feel and if no change is going to be made, then you must do what’s best for you and leave.


Red flags are red flags for a reason. Never ignore them when they are brought to your attention. Sometimes we are blinded by the things we want most that we never see the things that are toxic and harmful to us until it’s too late. Have you been able to spot a red flag early on or has it taken you some time to see it? What other red flags do you pay attention to when dating? Also, like our Facebook page and comment in the section. We love hearing from you so check City Girl Savings other social media accounts IG & Twitter @citygirlsavings.

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