Daniella’s Finance Journey: Pay Check 1

Daniella’s Finance Journey outlines the financial experiences that CGS member @daniellacoin is going through as she works with the CGS Financial Consultant to get on financial track. Daniella has graciously offered to share her journey to help inspire and motivate others to take control of their financial lives!

Daniella’s Share:

Hi CGS Community!

I hit a bit of a road block blogging about finances. I felt like it was going in a circle. (I saved money, I spent money, saved money, spent money.) It’s a work in progress, and not always fast. So after talking to Raya we talked about how to change it up. I will be blogging after each paycheck instead of weekly. So here is the catch up from my last paycheck!

It got so sticky with unplanned charges being taken out right before payday. So I was patiently waiting for my paycheck. PATIENTLY. I also got a midyear bonus from my job, which is much needed. Now the upcoming two weeks are going to be very interesting with staying on a budget. I have to pay for my first business trip (I will be reimbursed, but it is still pretty expensive) to Austin, Texas. I know that my hotel is going to cost me about $530 alone and I still have taxis and stuff to worry about. So that is going to be a $600-$700 trip. That is a little nerve wracking because I have a week home after that, then I have to travel back to visit my family on the east coast. That travel time is going to be filled with visiting everyone and a new nephew to add to the collection. It is a lot to accomplish on one paycheck so it will definitely be challenging.

I’m really excited to see my family and I am challenging myself to keep my trip home under $300. That is going to be a fun trip. I think that by planning my activities in advance, it gives me more time to restrict how much I am going to spend on everything. I am also going to make my trip a cash only trip. Which will be interesting as I try to transition to a cash only lifestyle. I struggle with just keeping myself only on cash.

One of the benefits of having a budget counselor is that they help you figure out your issues with money, in addition to your budget. Raya pointed out to me that I have a problem with controlling my spending. So these next two weeks I am going to focus my energy on controlling my spending and really trying to find freedom in my budget.

Comment below: Are you controlling your spending? Or are you just spending without any discretion?


About Daniella…

Daniella is a 25 year old working millennial living in Dallas, TX. Daniella is originally from New York and has moved to Dallas to start a life of adulthood on her own. She currently works as an administrative assistant and has a passion for make-up! Feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts or questions for Daniella.



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