Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

When I started doing my research on this topic, I wasn’t expecting what I found. When I tried to execute it, I found it to be truly refreshing. For those of us who don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is let me pen you up to a whole new world. It is a 37-piece wardrobe that is changed out appropriately every season.

I know, 37 pieces seems impossible; I thought so too. I have pulled together some great tips and I will be sharing some of my own experiences on how to create your own capsule wardrobe.

I won’t lie – starting out wasn’t easy, but then again, I have a massive amount of clothes. Getting it down to 37 pieces was challenging to say the least. I did take the opportunity to get rid of my old pieces and other things that just needed to go. You can even make a little extra money by selling your clothes on eBay or to consignment shops.

How to Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe…

Getting Started

The best way to start getting rid of things you don’t need is just to start! Start with things you don’t need and especially don’t wear anymore. This can be a little daunting for some so I suggest making a day of it. Invite your friend(s) over to help you go through everything.

Think of your friend(s) as the voice of reason they’re more likely to help you get rid of things that you don’t wear or are just out of date. Once you’ve decluttered and have are now left with what you really want you can move on to the next step. Make some money in the process by listing the things you don’t want on Poshmark!

The Rule of 3s

Move on to shoes. Pick nine to ten pairs of shoes you want to use for the season. These should include casual pairs for everyday and going out as well. After you have your shoes picked out you can move on to your wardrobe.

To pick out my clothes I used the rule of threes, something I came across in my research. I put out three t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, blouses, dresses, button ups, skirts, leggings, and shorts.

I have them all hanging on my rolling rack so that I see my options and can dress accordingly. During my process, I changed out my items over and over until I was satisfied with my 37 pieces.

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When making this lifestyle change, it’s important to remember to choose clothes that you actually will wear and what you feel your best in. “How do I feel in this?“ Ask this every time you choose a piece for your capsule wardrobe. You can also apply that thought when you decide to purchase new clothes. We would love to hear what you all think about capsule wardrobing. Do you currently have a capsule wardrobe? What tips can you share? Share your thoughts below!

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