The Costs of Health and Alcohol

A big purchase could be a wise decision, especially when planned for. In fact, spending a large amount of money may save you money in the long run. Health insurance is a perfect example. The costs may seem steep upfront, but if something were to happen, it would save you a lot of money.

Health Care Basics

Paying for health care, can affect your bottom line budget. Health care has been a trending topic in recent years. The cost of being sick or obtaining other types of regular, quality medical care can wreak havoc on you financially, if you aren’t prepared. This has often been true for individuals who found themselves in the world of addiction.

Good health often doesn’t come cheap. Doctor copays for office visits, prescription medications, and in some cases, the cost of rehab for illnesses are a factor. Telemedicine, or utilizing the help of medical professionals through online communications, might be one way to cut costs.

One of the main reasons people use telemedicine is to reduce the cost of treating various ailments, including alcohol and drug abuse. Health care providers are increasingly more involved in telemedicine, since many believe that this practice helps patients keep seeing their doctors. Constant maintenance and monitoring is important in the world of addiction recovery. And,

How much does rehab cost?” is becoming a question more and more women are asking.

Abuse & Women

Drug and alcohol abuse in American women often seems to fly under the radar despite the gender’s high level of alcohol and drug consumption. Women are at increased risk of sexual assault, liver disease, various forms of cancer, and heart problems due to excessive drinking. The dangers of alcoholism are certainly more than how much does rehab cost.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), women who indulge in binge drinking, or drinking a great deal of alcohol in a short amount of time, face an increased risk of rape or sexual assault. The NIAAA estimates that alcohol is a factor in about of half of all sexual assaults and rapes. These are some alarming statistics that everyone should be aware of when drinking.

Alcohol has other, more literal, costs as well. gives a comprehensive breakdown of how much Americans spend on various items. It reported that in 2016, Americans in different regions of the country all spent around 0.9 percent of their incomes on alcoholic beverages. Since income varied by region, Americans in different regions reported different amounts of money spent on alcohol:

Western states: $499.00

Midwestern states: $431.00

Southern states: $375.00

Northeastern states: $439.00

The average person is spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol per year, then, but what is he or she receiving for that money? The money spent on the recreational activity of drinking can be invested. Unexpected life events such as new tires or a home repair can happen at any moment. An extra $500.00 in an emergency or savings account might be a more beneficial way to use one’s money.

There are also options if you are looking for fun activity that don’t involve drinking. Many social settings are no longer driven by obsessive alcohol use. Restaurants, sporting events, nightclubs, and many other places serve nonalcoholic drinks, or mocktails, that can be as flavorful as their alcoholic counterparts. Think about saving your money, city girl, and about skipping the expensive late-night glasses of wine.




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