How CGS Members Save Money

Over the past few weeks, the CGS Team has been reaching out to members of the community to see how they save money! We’re so excited to share what CGS members had to say! Check out some of the great ways CGS community members save money. Thank you to all of the members who gave their insight!

“One way is looking at my budget and looking at upcoming events. If I know I’m going to be attending an event, I’ll see where I can cut money (such as eating out) so that if I want to buy a new dress/shoes/accessories, I can.

The biggest thing that has helped me recently is taking a specific amount of cash out every pay period for spending money. I’ll carry my credit card, in case of emergencies, but the goal is to only use the cash at hand. Once it’s gone, I’m done spending for the pay period! It really helps me stay on track because I’m cautious about where I’m spending my money, rather than just sliding my card everywhere.”

“The biggest way I save money is by cooking the majority of my meals myself instead of going to a restaurant or ordering takeout. I bring breakfast smoothies or oatmeal to work for breakfast, since these are quick and easy to make and also very portable. Usually over the weekend I’ll cook enough food for the entire week so I can bring leftovers to work for lunch and don’t have think about grocery shopping and cooking during the week when I’m busy with work.”

“Give themselves their own pedi every other time they’d pay to get it done (saves $30 – $35 each time you do yourself). Buy their own waxing kit and wax their brows themselves (original investment is about $35 for the machine but at $12 – $15 it pays for itself in the first 3 month then the savings continue!) Fix 1 extra serving of a dinner meal to take for lunch the next day (saves $4 – $8 each time and is much healthier when you cook it). I save $150 a month by push mowing my acre yard instead of having someone else do it. While it does cost me time I get the added exercise benefit.”

“1) I make my lunch to bring to work! It saves me money not buying $6-15 lunches everyday, saves gas not driving to lunch, and is healthier! I try to make sure to leave my desk or walk around a bit though 🙂
2) I have $300 automatically transferred from my checking account to my savings account at the end of every month. This gives me steady progress towards my savings goal and I budget this into my spending every month. I do it at the end just in case something came up that month I can cancel it or transfer it back without a worry.
3) I use the “Money Map” and budgeting tools in Wells Fargo (my bank). Since I like to check on my accounts daily, I use this already incorporated tool to keep checking in on my money in versus money out and where the spending is going so I can be aware of it going forward
4) I also have Mint (and the Wells Fargo app) downloaded on my phone for quick access to my finances on the go so I can avoid and potential problems (ie overdrafting)
5) I try to pay off my credit card balance ASAP once I have one and I never keep it over 30% of my limit. This helps maintain my credit score as well as leaving that credit open in case of a true emergency so I don’t have to worry about my checking account
6) I save ALL my change in a piggy bank! It seems silly, but it really does add up and I use that for something fun, like vacation spending money! I also put extra cash in there sometimes. Say I take out cash for something in particular or I receive in a card as a gift, etc…if I don’t spend it all/need it all then I hide the remaining cash somewhere or put it in the piggy bank! Out of sight, out of mind and then its a great surprise when vacation roles around!
7) GROUPON – if you like yoga, getting your nails done, etc. always search for a deal! This way you can still treat yourself without breaking the bank as much as you normally would. If you’re willing to put in a little extra time, use other websites/search around for free trial weeks at places and other deals that can really make a huge difference!”

“1) If I really feel like I want to buy something, I go “online shopping” and add all the things I want to my cart. Once I see that total when I’m done, I am completely turned off with spending even a dime! When I’m shopping in-store, I hold the things I want and walk around with them for my entire trip. By the end of my errand, I very rarely want to purchase the item anymore. It just proves my impulsiveness, and I end up putting the item back.

2) I only give myself $200 a month to spend on miscellaneous items. Miscellaneous items for me would be anything outside of my obligatory expenses (Rent, car payment, insurance, student loans, cell phone, etc.). Of course, unexpected expenses come up in life. But I do not let myself spend over this in my budget otherwise.”

“One way I save money is by keeping a change/small bills jar. What works for me is keeping the jar out of plain sight so I’m not tempted to use it.”

“One way I save money is I have a checking account for bills only, one for entertainment only and a savings for emergencies. Each time I get a paycheck; I take 30% out and split it between the 2 accounts, 15% for entertainment and 15% for emergencies. The bills only account carries the most money because that pays for the necessities in life.”

“One way I save money is by using by using coupon/money saving apps on my phone to buy essential items! These days everything is mobile! If I need to buy anything from groceries to medicine, I check an app first for coupons or deals. I also don’t eat out, I make 90% of my meals at home. You get more for your money when you cook at home.”

“One way I save is to use cash for everything. I predetermine what money I have for ”spending money” and take that amount out on pay day. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I also subscribe to the $5 method. Which means any time I get a $5 bill back in change, I immediately put it aside. It becomes a fun game and an easy way to save. I’ve been doing this for 6 months and have already saved $500! I’m going to use the savings for decorating my place when I move out! 🙂 “

“I save money by using cash only for daily purchases…then I save all my $1 and $5 bills and change. I’ve only been doing that for one month and I already have a little over $100 saved up, which is so awesome!”

“One way I save money on purchases online is utilizing, they also have an app. They’re the most reliable source for valid coupons and promo codes. I always check their site before making a purchase. They also feature printable coupons as well!”

“I cook dinner at home. I pack my lunch for work. I get books from the library. I find local free or low cost activities for the kids on the weekends. I food shop with a meal plan and list for the week.”



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