CGS Interview: Make-up Artist Jamie Dionne

Today the CGS Team is proud to present a quick Q&A session with Make-up Artist Jamie Dionne. Jamie is an artist out of Dallas Texas and has been doing make-up for years.

Jamie’s work has been featured in magazines, websites, photoshoots, weddings and more. Jamie also owned her own eyewear company called Shades by Jamie Dionne.

In addition to being blessed with make-up skills, Jamie has a degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University! The CGS Team encourages financial independence among women, as well as looking and feeling fabulous!

We are always happy to feature women with the same values. Check out Jamie’s interview below!

Some of Jamie’s Work:


CGS: CGS is all about saving and maintaining a sense of style, how important is it for women to save?

Jamie Dionne: It is very important for women to save because we statistically make less money than men and live longer than men. We are also the ones stereotypically “bad” with money and spend more.

It is very important for us to be able to pull our own weight financially and even though, I am a big supporter of traditional marriage and a man being the leader of the household, we need to be able to step in and take care of things if the man can’t.

We are role models for our children and if we save and are smarter with our financial situations, our children will hopefully follow our lead.

CGS: As a make-up artist, business can be extremely busy or extremely slow, how do you prepare yourself financially for the up and down seasons?

Jamie Dionne: I feel that budgeting for even the “minor” things is important. I not only budgeting for the major expenses (rent, car, insurance, phone, electricity, etc), I also budget for eating out and shopping.

I also strongly suggest multiple revenue streams so that in those slow times, you can balance it out with other endeavors.

CGS: Do you have any money managing tips to share with City Girl Savings?

Jamie Dionne: I am a strong believer if you don’t have the cash at the time to get what you want, wait. When you get things “on credit” it makes it very hard to put money aside for savings.

CGS: What are your favorite “go-to” make-up products?

Jamie Dionne: My favorite “go-to” makeup products are Black Opals’ Foundation Sticks which are super affordable and provide you with “on-the-go” style packaging (affiliate link). These sticks give you beautiful coverage for a flawless skintone and are only about $10.

NYX Mattifying Spray ($8) gives you a matte and shine free finish for long lasting makeup applications, and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in “Gold Deposit” always gives your skin a gorgeous sun-kissed glow ($32).

CGS: For the girl on the go, do you have any quick and easy make-up tips or tricks to leave the house looking effortlessly fabulous?

Jamie Dionne: A little goes a long way. Have a 10 minute makeup routine that you can pull together everyday. Never leave the house with a bare face.

Protect your skin from not only the sun, but the chemicals and toxins that are in the air and can be damaging. If you must run out the door in a hurry, always apply at the very least, a tinted moisturizer or bb cream to add a barrier to protect your skin. A little lip gloss always helps too.

CGS: Make-up and beauty products can be costly, what beauty advice would you give to women trying to be fashionable on a budget?

Jamie Dionne: Keep it simple and stick to the basics. Keep in mind, there are very good products that I even find myself using from the neighborhood drugstore. If you don’t have very much to spend on makeup, focus on using multiple use products like pigments.

Pigments can be used as eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and even nail polish.

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Twitter: @JamieDionne

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Jamie’s Shoot!


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What’s your favorite piece of advice from our interview with Jamie? Let us know in the comments!

—The CGS Team



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  1. Great Q&A. These tips were very useful, especially the 10 min makeup routine for leaving the house still looking good. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to leave the house in a hurry and I look a mess. Now hopefully that will all change!

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