CGS Beauty Picks: Gel Nail Polishes

Manicures with gel polish are becoming quite the go-to among nail salons. If you aren’t familiar with the gel nails, there are two types of gel you can get – hard or soft.  The difference between the two is once hard gel is cured it is tough enough to add extension to your nail for length. Soft gel refers to the softer texture in creating a gel overlay to your nail. Both options allow for longer lasting manicures at a much lower price than acrylic nails! Check out our CGS beauty picks for the best gel polishes around to try yourself.

OPI Gelcolor

Unlike regular manicures, gel manicures can last for weeks without chipping. Although OPI is known for its vast line of colors, the gel only carries OPI’s traditional colors. Colors may include London Park After Dark and OPI Ink. Most nail salons carry OPI as a favorite, but in the event they don’t, Amazon and your local store carry them to purchase.


Gelish is very popular amongst gel wearers. It was one of the first gel polish brands and has continued to stand strong amongst newer brands coming out. Gelish promises at least 3 weeks of no chipping, and lots of shine. It’s perfect for doing your own manicure at home!

CND Shellac

Many consumers say the Gelish brand and CND Shellac are similar in wear. CND Shellac has a wide range of colors promising at least 14 days of flawless wear. Many love to wear layers of this brand because the more you apply the better the color shines. Some like to mix and match layering this brand of colors with each other because of the unique color combination.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen is infamous for brands of nail colors, and nail tool kits. To expand to their company they also have an awesome gel brand that offers a comprehensive gel nail system with a UV lamp and other supplies for amazing DIY manicures.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colors can be found at your favorite beauty stores, as well as local drugstores!

IBD Just Gel

IBD is yet another great nail brand that offers gel manicure.  IBD offers both varieties of gel polish, including soak-off gel polish and traditional gel polish, denoted as “UV polish” by the brand. Each type of gel polish is available in approximately 90 different colors and growing. 

All gel polishes function the same when applying them to your nails. They come in a variety of colors, and may require a curing or hardening under a UV or LED light. Have you ever tried getting a gel manicure? How did you like it? Post a comment below to share your gel favorites!

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