6 Relaxing Bath Beauty Products

Purchasing beauty products can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what you want. If you’re anything like me then you can walk in with one thing in mind and end up with darn near the entire beauty section on the checkout counter! Finding the perfect relaxing bath beauty products can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

I encourage you to not stress and to really take your time and listen to your body. Listening to your body is one of the best ways to find which relaxing bath beauty products are best for you. After a long day of working, the last thing you need is added stress of which products you should use to wash the day off of you. Check out these six relaxing bath beauty products that will leave your skin feeling awesome, and your body smelling amazing!

#1 Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus Epsom Salt 

Dr. Teal’s has been in the game for a minute. If you have never used any of their products, then I’m sure someone in your family has – and they love them, at that! This awesome bath beauty product is great, especially after hitting the gym.

If you find yourself on your feet all day the Eucalyptus Epsom salts are great for easing those aches and muscle pains. In this particular formula of Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus Epsom Salt, it contains real eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil that gives you that good, refreshing feeling your body has been craving for.

#2 Mer-Sea & Co. Bubble Bath and Oil Set in Coconut Sugar 

It doesn’t matter how old you get – bubble baths are always a girl’s best friend after a crazy, hectic day. This fun and coconut scent beauty bath product leaves you feeling more relaxed than ever. The scent from the coconut combined with sugar takes your mind to the tropics of paradise.

Simply pour a little from each tube into your running bath water and let the scents come alive and the bubbles form. These hydrating suds will give your skin the moisture it has been missing. Special thanks to the almond and jojoba seed oils that will have your skin glowing like it just left the islands.

#3 Lush Avobath Bath Bomb 

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? Well if you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy one because you have been living under a rock this past decade, I highly suggest you give this Lush bath bomb a try. This wonderful, relaxing bath beauty product decreases your stress as it relaxes your muscles.

It is ideal for the days you simply need a boost from all the running around. It has lemongrass and bergamot oils that create the perfect zest. The aroma of uplifting fragrance will fill your tub water, and avocado and olive oil substances will leave your skin feeling smooth and like new. Stop by your nearest Lush store and pick one up for just $6.50.

#4 Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Sleep

We all know Bath and Body works has all the bells and whistles when it comes to finding the bath beauty products to help get us in the mood for relaxation. If you haven’t tried this product yet – then stop what you are doing and go pick some up! 

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Sleep brings relaxation to you after a long day of being on your feet. It includes calming lavender and chamomile essential oils, which are recipes for wonderful nights of sleep. This relaxing bath beauty product is truly the aromatherapy experience everyone should indulge in to get them in the mood to unwind. 

#5 H2o+ Aqualibrium De-Stress Marine Gel Mask

A face mask is so refreshing after wearing make-up all day long. Masks don’t take long to rejuvenate the skin cells, but depending on the mask you get, it helps keep your skin from looking dry and tired.

The H2o+ Aqualibrium De-Stress Marine Gel Mask works to calm the irritation on the skin. It has aloe and cucumber components, which de-stresses your skin leaving it flawless and fresh. It has a beautiful calming scent of lavender that instantly puts you in a more relaxed state. The mask itself has a cooling gel formula that makes you feel like you are in a spa, all the while in the comfort of your very own home 

 #6 Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Trying to find the right cleanser can be difficult, trust me, I know! The secret to finding the best cleanser is to first know your skin type. Once you have that figured out, the rest is a piece of cake. If you haven’t tried the Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm, take a tester from the counter and see how you like it for your skin. 

This relaxing bath beauty product turns into moisturizing oil as you massage it into your face. After thirty seconds of massaging on your face, you can simply rinse with warm water and instantly feel the difference on your skin. It truly feels like you received a mini facial but without dropping a ton of money.

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Who ever said you have to just stick to one relaxing bath beauty product?! You can have them all! Make sure you know which products work well for you. What may smell good for one person may not smell good on you. I suggest trying a smaller bottle of beauty products to test and see if it’s a product you’d really enjoy.

Have you tried any of these bath beauty product brands? If not, which one would you try? If you have tried one, how did you like it? Stay connected with the City Girl Savings squad by following us on our Twitter & Instagram @citygirlsavings. Also, jump in the conversation and follow us on our Facebook page! We always love hearing from you so don’t be a stranger and drop a comment.

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