CGS Beauty Picks: Designer Facial Toners

Facial toners have been around for many years and the benefits are incredible, so it’s hard to believe that not many people use them. Facial toners remove any impurities, dirt, and oil left on your skin after you wash your face. The ingredients fight wrinkles while curing any acne-related skin issue to bring out your best skin.

You can even use toners to remove your make-up! It can be used on all skin types but there are toners that are created to target specific issues. I use mine at least five times a week in conjunction with my normal skin routine and my skin has never looked better. Check out our top four designer skincare toners below!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

If you haven’t heard the name Mario Badescu, let me put you on! He started his skin care business in the late 60’s and it has flourished into a full line of amazing skin care products. His Glycolic Acid Toner works to even out the complexion of the skin, diminish pores, and bring out a youthful looking complexion.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner

As a devout user of Fresh skincare products, I can personally say that their stuff is amazing! The Rose Deep Hydration Toner is alcohol free which is great for people with dry skin since alcohol tends to have a harsh drying effect the skin. It’s infused with real rose petals that leave your face smelling great. It refines pores while soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing the skin.

Lancôme Tonique Confort Comforting Rehydrating Toner

The Tonique Confort Comforting toner, much like the any product made by Lancôme, can do no wrong. It’s non-comedogenic which is basically a fancy way to say it won’t clog your pores and create acne. It’s infused with honey and sweet almond extract to leave your skin refreshed and smooth.

La Mer ‘The Tonic’

La Mer is a well-established name in the beauty industry and with good reason. Their products are worth the splurge for the benefits you will reap. The Tonic toner has a trademarked formula that includes wonderful skin nutrients. The toner is lightweight and works to revitalize your complexion. It has non-irritating ingredients that are perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Put some on before applying your make up for all day wear.

You can’t go wrong with a toner, so start adding one to your beauty routine. Try the toners above out and see what works best for you but always get alcohol-free toners to combat dry skin. Sound off below and let us know what your favorite toners are!

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