CGS Beauty Picks: Blow Dry Brushes

Blow drying your hair isn’t as simple as many think it is. There’s a process to it! It takes a blow dryer, an impressive blow drying brush, and lots of time especially if your hair is thick or coarse. A brush isn’t just a brush, there are some brushes created to do specific things. The CGS Team has done some research to find 5 awesome blow dry brushes to help you achieve the greatest hair possible.

Top Blow Dry Brushes

Ergo Professional Round Brush

 The Ergo Professional brush is perfect for thick or coarse hair. The ceramic barrel, and non-slip rubber handle can brush through your hair while you’re blowing it out. The ceramic barrel holds heat, helping you to create curls or straighten your hair. When the heat and tension are applied to the brush while blowing your hair out, all the negative ions are released into the hair, helping to condition it and repair cuticle damage. It’s important to be careful and take your time when brushing through your hair, you don’t want your hair to get tangled.  Simply part your hair into sections before blow drying to eliminate your hair getting caught around the brush.

Olivia Garden Nanothermic Ceramic Ion Brush

The Olivia Garden brush is designed to reduce drying time when blow drying your hair. It uses its extra-large vents to allow air to flow through the brush easier. The thin bristles on the brush are perfect for people with thin hair. This brush provides natural shine, and eliminates any frizzy hair or fly away. The main feature of this brush is its ability to heat up faster and hold heat longer than most brushes on the market. What’s also great about this brush is it comes in a variety of barrel sizes.

Spornette #855 Italian Collection Jumbo Round Hair Brush

This brush is ideal for those with thick hair. The Spornette #855 adds tons of volume to your hair once blown dried. The jumbo size of the brush lifts hair and helps create volume from the roots down to the tips. This brush style is meant to last for long periods of time, which is awesome for those always on the go. The bristles are long and thick which is great for grabbing any hair type while blow drying.

Suprent Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush

The unique spiral design on the handle of the Suprent Brush is ideal for giving you hair that extra little bump on the end. The main feature of this brush is its ability to dry hair super-fast while creating a variety of different styles easily. This brush hold and adds extra heat to your hair leaving your hair looking sleek and full of shine. The two-inch barrel is perfect for medium to long hair. Try using this brush the next time you want to blow dry your hair.

Ibiza Hair Extended Cork Round Brush EX4

The best feature of the Ibiza Cork Round Brush is the light weight and good grip that the cork handle provides. The size of the brush and bristle type are perfect for medium hair lengths. The focus is on the crown of the head. The Ibiza brush is ideal for blow drying any hair type. This brush is great for helping to leave you with frizz free hair, and shine from your natural oils. If your hair takes forever to dry like a few of our CGS members, try using this brush when blow drying. It quickly dries your hair while adding a lot of volume.


The correct brush can do miracles when you’re blow drying. Be patient and don’t settle for just any brush when trying to blow dry your hair! Is there a specific brush you like to use when blowing your hair out? If so, what kind is it and where did you get it from? Leave a reply below to share your blow dry favorites!

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