Bye Bye Bags: Getting Rid of Eye Bags

A common beauty problem among women is the appearance of under-eye bags. We’re sure that every woman has dealt with this issue at one point in time, probably after a fun night of drinking and dancing! If you find yourself victim of eye bags, there are a few ways to get rid of them. The CGS Team is sharing a few effective tips to help your eyes look refreshed, regardless of what may have happened the night before.

Getting rid of eye bags once and for all!

Get a Good Night’s Rest

While under-eye bags usually come after a night of little to no sleep, they can find a permanent place on your face if lack of sleep becomes consistent. The ideal amount of sleep everyone should get is 6-8 hours. With busy work schedules, dating, and other responsibilities, it’s hard to actually sleep that long. Check out the article Get Your Beauty Rest: 6 Products for a Great Night’s Sleep for effective ways of sleeping as long as possible.

A Cold Spoon to Do the Trick

If you find yourself being a victim of puffy eyes, try applying a cold spoon on and under your eyes. This simple home remedy has been proven to effective! Place a metal spoon in the freezer for about 10 to 30 minutes and apply the rounded portion of the spoon to the puffy area around your eyes. The chilliness from spoon will tighten your skin and relax your blood vessels, ultimately reducing the appearance of swollen eyes.

Drink a lot of Water

We all know drinking water is good for you for a million different reasons. One of those reasons includes getting rid of eye bags. Drinking your daily requirement of water helps reduce the puffiness under your eyes immediately.

It also is the best way to prevent them from coming back, even with a lousy night’s sleep. Your goal should be to drink 8-10 8oz glasses of water every day. When your body is hydrated it reduces the amount of water retention in your body, which helps prevent the unwanted puffiness under your eyes.

Try Some Products

If you prefer to use beauty products designed to reduce the swelling of under-eye bags you should give Clinique a try. Their All About Eyes Serum instantly reduces the sight of puffiness under your eyes, thanks to its de-puffing massage roller. If you plan on using this product it’s best to use it shortly after you wake up. We love that the serum is easy to apply! Simply roll the serum directly under your eyes as needed, no make-up brush required.

Drinking water, getting enough rest, and even the help of some cosmetics should get your eyes just right. What do you do to get rid of eye bags? Do you have any go-to products when trying to get rid of those nasty bags? Share your thoughts with the CGS community by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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