The Right Way to Rock Pink

The color pink has certainly made a space for itself in the 2016 fashion arena. Blush tones, peach hues, and rose colors have made their mark this year. If you’re scared that wearing pink will make you look a little too girly, we came across a WhoWhatWear article that will change your mind. Check out their guide to wearing pink like a trendy fashionista in our latest blog share!

Add a T-Shirt

“To balance out the femininity of a pretty pink skirt, try styling it with a casual, cool T-shirt.” 

Focus on the Hue

“If you consider yourself particularly averse to the color pink, try adding dustier or peach-tinged spins on the hue to your wardrobe instead of something more shocking.”


Go for Contrasting Colors

“To help break up the color, try pairing it with cool colors like greens or blues.”

Keep the Fit Relaxed

“We favor a more laid-back look when it comes to wearing pink. A slouchy blouse is a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe without it feeling too fussy.”


Pair With Menswear

“Masculine meets feminine when you contrast a pink sweater with menswear-inspired styles like a blazer.” 

Pay Attention to Print

“To help break up a head-to-toe pink look, opt for something with an eye-catching pattern, like these floral pajamas.”


Style it Sporty

“With the rise of athleisure, there’s no easier way to dress down a pretty pink dress than by pairing it with a sweatshirt or sporty top (bonus points if you finish the look off with sneakers).”


As seen on The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Making Pink Look Cool by WhoWhatWear.

With a wide variety of options available when it comes to wearing pink, there’s no reason not to hop on this color’s trend bus! What ways do you like to incorporate pink into your wardrobe? Do you have any specific rules when it comes to wearing pink? Reply with a comment below to share your tips!

-The CGS Team



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