8 Ulta Shopping Secrets

Everyone loves the ultimate beauty department store Ulta! Whether you are buying Ulta products or looking for other brands, Ulta has everything you need. We found an article by beauty blog Byrdie that shares 8 secrets for shopping at Ulta. In fact, these are secrets that the store may not want you to know! We’re spreading these secrets around so you can get the best deals when shopping for your beauty products.

“Keep scrolling for eight Ulta shopping secrets every woman should know!

Get Gifts With Purchase

Gifts with purchase are one of our favorite parts of the Ulta shopping experience—like buying a cake then having someone be like, “Here, take some ice cream, too!” Not every gift with purchase may be advertised in store, so make sure to take a look at this section of Ulta’s website to see all the promotions before stopping in.

Another tip? If you get a gift with purchase then end up returning the original purchase, you can keep the gift, according to Ulta’s return policy (which is also great in and of itself—you can return all products within 60 days of purchase). Does this mean you should only buy beauty products only to get the gifts with purchase, then return them all? Definitely not—just think of all the hassle. Instead, simply think of it as a gesture of goodwill—one that you wouldn’t want to take advantage of, lest it gets taken away.

Buy In-Store

If you prefer to buy your beauty products from the comfort of your couch, we’ve got some motivation for you to get off your butt. According to this Ulta employee, stores may mark down certain products (up to 75%!) that aren’t selling well to make way for new inventory—price reductions that aren’t usually reflected online.

Check Ads

To stay on top of the newest products, it may actually be best to go the old-school route: by checking Ulta’s advertisements. You’ll find them in the pages of your favorite magazines, but also, feel free to find them all in one place right here.

Check Sales

Ulta is always, always having a sale—even when it’s not having a sale. What do we mean? There are always discounted products in the store—you just have to take some time to look for them. Or better yet, ask an associate to show you. In terms of major sales, always check in during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty sale, where one item is marked down at a greatly reduced price for one day only (this happens twice a year, usually during spring or fall). There’s a high chance you’ll find one of your favorite luxury products marked way, way down.

Find Coupons

Coupons might bring to mind images of old ladies furiously clipping and snipping pages of newspapers, but guess what—they’re still totally relevant, and Ulta has some great ones. If you sign up for their Ultamate Rewards program, you’ll most likely get mailed the much-coveted 20% off coupon at one point or other. (Also make sure to sign up for their emails, since they’ll often send email-only coupons).

There’s also this coupon, which will get you $3.50 off your $10 purchase (you’re welcome). Ulta also accepts some third-party manufacturer coupons (i.e. coupons from the beauty brands, which you can find in magazines or newspapers), which you can pair with an Ulta store coupon to save even more. Just imagine the money you’ll save (and beauty products you’ll accrue)!

To make sure you always have the most recent Ulta coupons, you can always download the free Ulta app.

Get Birthday Points

We know we’ve already said this, but we’ll say it again: You should really get an Ultamate Rewards card. You’ll get one point for every dollar you spend, and with more points, come more discounts. One little-known fact: Whatever beauty products you buy during the month of your birthday will be counted as double points. So, treat yo’self.

Shop Clearance

We know we’ve talked about Ulta’s sales, but the clearance section will save you major money, too. Don’t leave the store without taking a look at their clearance section, which will usually house a wide variety of products. Want the first pick? Ulta stores do inventory a few times a year, and that’s when newer items go to clearance. To find out exactly when, just ask an Ulta employee. Another fun fact: Your coupons apply to clearance items, too.

Always Ask

The best way to save money at Ulta? Just ask the employees. When you’re checking out, always ask if any of your products qualify with a gift for purchase—don’t expect that they’ll always tell you first. Ask employees about clearance items, inventory dates, current promotions and coupons, and more. Do not hold back—that’s what they’re there for, after all.”

As seen on 8 Ulta Shopping Secrets You’re Not Supposed to Know by Byrdie


Are you a fan of Ulta? Do you take advantage of all of the perks they offer? What did you think of the secrets posted above? Share your Ulta experiences with the CGS community by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I personally love shopping at Ulta. There is one right down the street from me and it’s very convenient when I need beauty products. It’s great to know tips and tricks for shopping there!

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