The Benefits of Financial Freedom

We all know that cash is king and money makes the world go round. There seems to be an endless pursuit for money and success, and usually for good reason.  Money can make a person’s life so much easier. When you aren’t caught up with worrying about how rent is going to get paid, you have the time and energy to focus your efforts on building the life you want to live.  The CGS Team is sharing some of the benefits of financial freedom, and why pursuing financial independence should never stop being a goal.

Freedom to Explore

Traveling, trying new things, and experiencing new places is a high priority for most people. When you are free from debt, have a nice savings built up, and have consistent money coming in, it’s easy for you to explore.

Plan and take the vacation of your dreams, try a new restaurant in your city every night, and enrich your life with culture in the form of museums and art galleries.  All of these things take money, so being financially free allows you to enjoy the exploration with little to no financial worry.

Freedom to Help Others

When you’re in a positive financial position, you have the ability to help others.  Whether you became financially successful by starting your own business, or working your way up the corporate ladder, your positive financial standing will make it easier for you to help others achieve success.  Financial freedom also allows you to donate your time, money and resources to people in true financial need.

Security in Life

Financial freedom brings a certain sense of security in life.  If you’re financially successful at a young age, you can feel better about a sustainable future for yourself and your children.  If you’re financially successful at an older age, you can feel confident that you’re financial legacy will live on in future generations.

Freedom from Financial Stress and Worry

There’s no doubt that worrying about finances and money can lead to worry and stress.  Stress is terrible for a person’s body because it can weaken your immune system, force you to lose focus, induce depression and leave your body prone to diseases.  When you don’t have debt, a weight is off your shoulders and there’s a freedom to allow you to save your hard-earned money for you, and not a credit lender. Also, check out some tools to reduce financial stress.

Freedom to Choose Your Path

It’s not easy to become financially free at a young age, but if you can pull it off, you will have the freedom to choose your path.  You can start your own business, go back to school, take time off and travel, or wait for your dream job.  Financial freedom brings a certain quality of life that those in debt or without income just don’t have.  The option to choose the life you want to live is huge for your personal positivity.

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The list of the benefits of financial freedom can go on and on.  Everyone has a different idea of what financial freedom can do for them, but there’s no doubt that whatever the reason is, it’s worth pursuing. You can be financially free from debt and other financial stresses. Start cutting back your spending and really focus your efforts on building wealth.  The first step is a budget! What does financial freedom mean to you? What would be some of the best benefits of becoming financially free? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

-The CGS Team



2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Financial Freedom”

  1. I want to be able to have enough passive income to support myself financially without having to work a 40-hour week, so that I can devote that time to my own creative pursuits instead of spending all of my energy supporting someone else’s bottom line. The Thrifygal blog is a major source of inspiration for me and, loosely paraphrased, the key thing I take away from it is that the best thing money can give you is the freedom to not think about money.

    Knowing that your needs are taken care of, that you’re not scrambling to pay off debts or scrape together enough to make rent, and that you have enough to live the life you want without worry is the kind of financial freedom I am striving for. It’s a huge goal, but so was writing a book, and I have accomplished that!

  2. To me, financial freedom means having security when it comes to a house, car, and savings. It also means the ability to do things you love (travel, try new food, indulge every now and then). These things inspire me to be financially free. Nothing worth having comes easy, so it’s certainly a journey!

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