Beauty How-Tos: 1930s-Inspired Beauty

While perusing the endless selection of beauty articles by Byrdie Beauty, we came across an amazing tutorial featuring actress Lily Collins. The tutorial shows viewers how to nail signature beauty looks from the 1930s, including “Jazz-Age eyes” and “rosebud lips”. 


The videos were too good for us to pass up. In the latest blog share, the CGS Team is sharing videos of Lily Collins rocking 1930s-Inspired beauty and how to do it yourself!

How-To: Jazz Age-Inspired Eyes

“To create Collins’s Jazz Age–inspired eyes, makeup artist Pati Dubroff began by priming Collins’s lids with a neutral-colored shadow. Next, she used a brown color along the crease, exaggerating the shape for a wide-eyed look. Dubrof then applied liner and mascara to the top lashes only (this makes the eyes look even bigger), using brown rather than black for a softer finish.”

How-To: Rosebud Lips

“As for this gorgeous rosebud lip look, Dubrof began by moisturizing Collins’s pout with a balm—key for avoiding feathering and bleeding. Next, she used her finger to tap on a burgundy lip color for a subtle stain. (Try Lâncome’s Color Design Lipstick, $23, in Wine Party.) Using a matching lip liner, Dubroff then amped up the actress’s pout by tracing just outside the lip line and applying clear gloss in the center. Press your lips together to blend, et voila.”


Be sure to check out the exclusive Lily Collins Make-up Tutorial on Byrdie for more, and to read an interview by Lily on everything beauty related! What do you think of Lily’s 1930s-inspired beauty routine? Would you give this look a chance? Post a comment below to let us know what you think!

-The CGS Team



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