How to Balance Two Jobs

When money is tight and your expenses can’t be cut back any more, increasing your income is the next option. Nowadays, many people have two jobs to help save more money or pay off debts faster. There’s no doubt it can be a major struggle to balance two jobs and the crazy schedules that come with them, but it can be done!

Whether one job is full time and the other is part time, or you have two full time jobs, the CGS team is sharing a few tips to help you balance two jobs and feel less stressed in the process! If you find yourself feeling overworked, check out the article: Finding a Balance Between Work and Personal Life.

How to Balance Two Jobs

Plan it Out

When having two jobs, it’s extremely important to plan your week out so you aren’t rushing to get from one job to the next, or dealing with clashing schedules.  Start with the job that has set hours.  If your primary job is Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, then block out that time for your first job.  Next, take into account distance and travel time to get to your second job.

Give yourself enough time to deal with traffic or unexpected delays.  Nothing is worse than being late to work.  Be sure to give your available hours to your employer, unless you have the option of coming in at your leisure.  Once you have your schedule for the second job, block that time out as well.

Planning your schedule out is vital when having two jobs, so put your smart phone to good use by using reminder or calendar apps.  Prefer to write things down? Treat yourself to a nice, new day planner! Be sure to actually use it, especially if you are paying for it.  If you just started a new job, it can take a few weeks for the habit to form.

Don’t run the risk of forgetting where you need to be because you failed to write out your schedule. Of course, unexpected events can pop up that cause longer-than-expected delays, but having your weekly schedule already planned out will make it less stressful for you on the smooth days.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Most likely, you are working two jobs to reach a specific goal. Never forget what you’re working so hard for! Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t lose focus of why you’re doubling up on the workload. Once you’ve achieved the goal you set out for, you’ll feel exultant and a sense of accomplishment.

This will make the long hours and hard work worth it.  Some days you are going to feel discouraged, don’t let that negativity sit and stir for too long. Always remind yourself of the “why” behind your actions. It will keep you focused and motivated.

Relax and Check Out

When you work multiple jobs its important for you to relax and take time off.  When you’re not working, give yourself a much-needed mental checkout.  Go see a movie, hit the gym, or do something you enjoy.  For you to perform your best, your mind and body needs rest! Taking time off from both of your jobs is a necessity. If you enjoy work, which many people do, then setting a few hours in the day aside for yourself would be a better alternative to calling off the whole day because you’re overworked.

Most companies offer personal time for their employees, so take advantage.  Check out the article How to Take a Personal Day Without the Guilt if you need to time-off assistance. When you relax, keep in mind to do just that. Don’t let work stay at the forefront of your mind when you aren’t in the workplace. It defeats the whole purpose of actually letting your mind unwind.

No matter what your situation is, there is always a reason for it. Stay focused on the end goal and your situation will change for the better! Have you ever managed two jobs at once? If so, what tips can you share for getting through a long work day? Post a reply below to share your experiences!

-The CGS Team



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