How to Take a Personal Day Without the Guilt

Not sure how to take a personal day without feeling guilty? When you take a personal day it should make you feel good, not bad or guilty. Sometimes, it’s important to take a day just for you. In fact, experts say that workers should take a day off here and there to maintain productivity at the job.

While this may be true, many people don’t use all of their vacation and sick time! While some refer to the time away from work as a mental off day, others like to think of it as “ME Day”, and companies tend to call it “personal” days. Regardless of what you call it, the CGS Team has some helpful ideas to help you take that personal date and skip the guilt!

Check Your Company’s Policy

Some companies provide paid time off, or unscheduled sick time. Depending on what your profession offers, it’s everyone’s own right to take some time away from the job to just recharge. To ensure that you are still getting paid for the day, or at least the day is covered without consequence, check with your HR representative or benefits office to see exactly what is covered when taking a personal day.

Timing is Everything

Once you have confirmed the parameters around your company’s personal day, plan accordingly. Taking a personal day during the work week that could possibly interfere with your deadlines and responsibilities probably isn’t the best idea. It’s vital to plan your personal days around your major projects.

A personal day is the perfect reward to yourself for completing your project or deadline. It wouldn’t be wise to take a personal day just to come back to a busy and hectic office.

Be Honest With Your Boss

In most cases, informing your boss that you need to take a personal day is all that needs to be said. You are not required to defend yourself, and your boss should not ask you to explain in detail. You shouldn’t have to fake it or lie to your employer just to call off. Depending on your boss, keep your personal life personal, or share at your will. Being honest and telling truth about the personal day you plan to take will form a trustworthy relationship between you and your employer for the future.

Maximize Your Time Off

When utilizing your day off, it’s important to sleep in, relax, and enjoy not having to deal with the stresses of being at work. Typically while taking your personal day; it’s pleasant to do the things you would normally have to save for the weekend.

That can include hitting your favorite cycling class or even catching up on your favorite TV shows. Whatever you chose to do you can do it as long as you’re getting the relaxation you need. A personal day is just that…PERSONAL! The purpose is to leave you feeling energized to go to work and kill it!

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Everyone needs a day to just call their own. Taking a day off when things have been consistently stressful is perfectly fine. It’s better to perform your best on the job than to give it half of your potential. The only way to do that is by taking the time you need to let you recharge, and allow your body and mind to rest. Do you utilize your personal time? When you take a personal day, what do you typically do? Are you upfront with your boss, or do you keep the details limited? We want to know what works for you when it comes to taking a personal day! Post a comment below and let’s start a group discussion!

-The CGS Team



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  1. I definitely use all of my personal time for work (I only get 2 days), but I get 2 weeks of sick time and I try to take that as well. I don’t use all of my sick time, but I do ensure I get the breaks I need.

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