8 Stones to Rock in Your Jewelry

Various pieces of your wardrobe can mean something special to you. However, the cool thing about jewelry is that each piece has intricate details that can easily take your look to the next level. Jewelry can be worth more than most threads because unlike fashion, jewelry never grows old or goes out of style. There are so many different styles of jewelry that makes each piece unlike the other. Take a look at the eight different types of stones to rock in your jewelry to always stay trendy!


Just like Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, this green colored gem is gorgeous to rock in any way. The name emerald comes from the Greek smaragdos, which literally means “green gem.” Its unique green shade will have you wanting matching pieces!

The precious green stones are prone to inclusions, as well as surface fissures. Perfectly smooth and transparent pieces of the green precious stones, which are very hard to come by, are very valuable and timeless for any wardrobe.

Kunzite Stones

This pretty-in-pink colored gem is ideal for all the pink lovers out there. The name Kunzite refers to the lilac or pink stone of the mineral spodumene. Kunzite gets its color from the inclusion of manganese into the otherwise colorless mineral. If you love wearing pink, or just want to add some pink to your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with Kunzite.

Black Pearls

When people usually think of a pearl the first color that comes to mind is white. Not all pearls come in the shade of white. The black pearl is a beautiful gem and from time to time can be hard to find. The oyster Pinctada margaritifera produces this particular gem.

The black pearl is also referred to as the Tahitian Pearl. The black pearl oysters turn out fewer amounts of the black stones, which make them hard to come by and very pricey. This may be more of a wish list item to keep an eye out for!


Of course, we have all heard the gem named Ruby. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word rubeus, literally meaning “red.” Whether you prefer gold to silver or have taken a liking to both, the Ruby is a must-have gem to be added to your jewelry.

The red color in this precious stone is the single most powerful factor in determining their price. This gem is no stranger to high dollar value. You can spot a Ruby a mile away due it’s deep red coloring. According to jewelers, the deeper the redness, the higher the value.


If you are thinking of getting something that is unique in all its glory then I suggest getting an Alexandrite gem to rock in your jewelry collection. Alexandrite is a color-changing gemstone from the mineral chrysoberyl. Aside from the red or pink shades the gem can come in, alexandrite can also turn into a purple stone.

Alexandrite is the most valuable of purple gemstones next to diamond. The purple hue usually turns color at night under an incandescent light, while appearing green in the daytime. While all gems are rare in their own right, this gem is a rare mineral due to its ability to change its color.


Sardonyx is a rare orange-colored gem stone. The words sard and onyx are separate, but when together, sardonyx is the red-and-white variety of onyx. This kind of agate is otherwise known to include black and white in color.

This gem is great when paired into a ring or bracelet. The Sardonyx gem is composed of white bands of chalcedony and red bands of sard, a red mineral very similar to carnelian. The white bands of sardonyx render the gemstone looking orange overall.


Have you ever seen a yellow colored stone? The semi-precious yellow stones are in fact fossilized resin from evergreen trees preserved under high pressure, which adds to its natural beauty. The yellow gems, also known as Amber, are not cold like other stones, but naturally warm to the touch making them stand out amongst its peers.

The yellow jewels, however, soften in intense heat, but are valuable when they have fossil inclusions. Ambers also come in red, green, even blue. While some may argue that Amber is not a stone it is in fact, a much-valued yellow gemstones.


The sapphire gem is one gem you definitely want to rock in your jewelry. Whether you like earrings or rings, this is one piece that you can get a lot of use out of. It has consistently remained one of the four precious stones in the world time and time again.

Amongst its other competitors Sapphire is the ultimate representation of blue gemstones. Sapphire is considered second only to diamond in hardness, this blue rock is a variety of the mineral corundum.

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Whatever is your stone or color preference, I encourage you to wear what makes you happy. It’s great to know that there are so many different types of stones available to us all.

What stone is your favorite? Did you realize there were more stones out there other than diamonds? If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook page, and join the group and jump in the conversation. Also, follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts @citygirlsavings!

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