8 Bra Problems and How to Fix Them

Remember when you got your first bra? That “training” bra to help you get into the habit of wearing bras as your breasts develop? Well by now, your breasts are as developed as they are going to be (sans surgery). That means finding the right bras to solve the most common of problems! The CGS Team is sharing 8 common bra problems and what you can do to fix them. A new bra or two may be required, but it’s certainly worth the investment!

Problem #1: Boob Spill
If your boobs are spilling over the cups of your bra, going up a cup size can help. If you have larger breasts, opt for a full coverage bra with the right cup size. A larger band may not fix the issue, but a larger cup should!

Problem #2: Unsightly Back Bulge

Unless you have very little body fat, a little back bulge is normal. If you find that your bra is causing an unsightly bulge of your back fat, it’s probably because your band is too small and not wide enough. Try a bra with a larger band to help smooth your back and give you the proper support.

Problem #3: Sweaty Boobs

Take the advice of AdoreMe and opt for breathable fabrics. “Boob sweat is a sign you’re wearing a bra with a little too much padding, or a smothering fabric. An unlined style will allow your ladies to breathe while providing the structure you want. Another option is a lightly lined bra, or a t-shirt bra because they tend to be lightly lined (to absorb sweat) without making you sweat even more!”

Problem #4: Too Tight Straps

If your bra straps are digging into your skin, take it down a band size. Your straps should not be doing all of the heavy lifting to give your breasts support, if they are then you’re probably feeling like your straps are trying to suffocate you!

Problem #5: Too Loose Straps

The opposite of straps that dig into your skin are straps that fall off your shoulder. Nothing is more annoying than constantly pulling your bra straps up. Make sure your straps are tightened and comfortable for you. If you tighten them and the straps still fall, try a racerback bra.

Problem #6: Perky Nips

If your nipples are always perky, a padded, push-up bra is not your only option. In fact, you don’t need a lot of extra padding to keep your nipples at bay. A contour bra or a lightly lined bra can give you the natural support you’re looking for, without signs of being cold. You can also try the reusable sticky petals to get extra coverage.

Problem #7: Painful Chafing

Ugh…a bra that hurts is the worst! No one wants to wear a painful bra all day. A looser fit or better fabric may solve this problem. If your bra is too tight, your skin could rub against the fabric (or your boobs could rub together) causing unwanted chafing. When choosing a bra, pick one that lifts your boobs away from your ribcage and separates them.

Problem #8: Side Boob Spill

If you have breasts that settle towards your sides and not front-and-center, side spillage can be your worst enemy. To keep your boobs facing forward, try a bra with side boning or seams. If you have smaller breasts that tend to go to the side, try a push-up bra. They are designed to push your boobs up, instead of out, which could help reduce their need to go to the side.

Since bras are an inevitable part of our daily lives, it makes sense to ensure they are doing what they should be. Have you dealt with any of the bra problems above? What other bra problems have you faced? Share your tips and favorite bra brands by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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