7 Ways to Make More Money Next Year

As every year passes, we always make our New Year’s resolution similar to ones in the past. Whether it’s going on a diet or working towards that pay increase we know we deserve. No matter what it is, after everything is said and done we just want to be better than what we were before. That includes getting richer, healthier, and more adventurous! Check out these 7 easy ways to help you make more money next year.

Ask for a Promotion

If there’s room for growth within your company, take it! There is no harm in going to your supervisor or manager and asking them for a promotion. Most companies hold performance reviews and compensation talks at the beginning of the year, so this is the perfect time. If you’ve had a good reputation with your company, then there is no doubt that they will at least consider you for a promotion. Be mindful that typically with a promotion comes more responsibilities and job duties.

Match Retirement Contributions

Matching retirement contributions isn’t simple if you don’t have a clue about what you’re trying to match. In many cases people drop the ball when contributing to a 401k plan because they aren’t familiar with what their company matches. Some companies offer a certain percentage for every dollar contributed, while others match 100% up to a certain percentage of your income. Do your research on what your company matches and contribute accordingly. This is one of the easiest ways to make more money, even if it is for retirement!


Investing is a great way to make a profit over time. Whether you’re looking for something quick or wanting something for the long haul, investments are the key to success.  Albert Einstein once said, “compound interest is the greatest invention of man.”  Once you plan to invest your money into stocks, bonds or mutual funds, try not to take it out for at least a year so the investment has time to grow. The earlier you start and the longer you keep your investments, the more you will have over time, historically.

Redeem Points for Cash

When applying for credit cards there are some cards that allow you to earn points with each purchase and redeem those points for cash. This can be a smart way to make money on purchases that you were already going to make. In addition to credit cards, there are free apps available to download that offer redeemable points for money. Some popular ones include iBotta, coupons.com, and Checkout 51 just to name a few. Each app is designed to meet specific needs, so check them all out.

New or Second Job

New jobs offer new opportunities! If your current employment isn’t paying you what you are worth, perhaps looking into a new gig would be better. Making more money is always an incentive for leaving one job and starting a new one. Of course, weigh all your options and don’t just move for a pay raise.  You can also take on a second part-time job or turn a hobby into a side business to help bring in extra cash. One option for a second form of income is becoming an Uber driver. Whether you decide to only take deliveries or make connections with people, it’s a great way to supplement additional income on your own time.


Earning more money next year is actually easier said than done. You can make extra money for doing things as simple as taking a survey or listening to a radio station. Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true!  Inbox Dollars is one of the few companies who pays you to do to just that. You can make up to $120 a year by simply tuning in.

Utilize Selling and Auction Sites

We have all heard of eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. These sites are infamous for selling and buying random and well-known items. If you’re looking to make some more money next year try selling your old or unwanted items on those sites. There’s a high chance of selling more on these sits as opposed to having a yard sale. So the next time you notice you have two of something around your house, give some thought on making an account and selling the spare item.


If someone were to ask you if you’d like to make more money we’re sure your response would be yes. Making more money allows you to save more or make faster traction on your financial goals. What tips can you share for people looking to make more money? Have you seen an increase in your earnings, if so what tips can you share with the community? Post a comment below to share!

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