Amazon Shopping Steals: 7 Things to Buy for Less on Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces of today. Thanks to their collection of just about everything, and the ability to find the same item for different prices, Amazon is surely a go-to when shopping around for certain things at a lower price. The CGS Team is a fan of Amazon and the affordable prices shoppers can get. Today, we’re sharing 7 things you can get for less through Amazon than just about anywhere else. Amazon shopping steals, here you come!

7 Amazon Shopping Steals…


Whether it’s paperback or in electronic form, Amazon has just about every book you can imagine for sale. Thanks to the option to buy used, books can run as low as $.01! While you will still need to cover shipping, if you have Amazon Prime, you could be getting away with quite the steal! Check out 6 Books Every Girl Should Read and get them from Amazon for cheap!


When asked to shop around for the most cost-efficient blenders, Kendra Perez of found that Amazon offered quality blenders at prices lower than those found at Wal-Mart and Target!

Laundry Detergent

No one likes to lug around a heavy bottle of laundry detergent! Luckily, Amazon offers certain brands of detergent for less than other retailers. Not only are you saving money, but laundry detergent is delivered directly to your door!

HDMI Cables

It’s likely that an HDMI cable came with some of your equipment, but it’s probably too short and poor quality. If you head to your nearest Best Buy, HDMI cables can run you upwards of $30. Amazon offers high-quality HDMI cables for under $15!

Nail Polish

When it comes to designer nail polish, Amazon is the way to go! With Essie and OPI selling for normal price at Sally’s or Ulta, Amazon offers the luxury brand for dollars less. If you don’t mind waiting for your item to ship, it may be best to order it online.

Protein Powder

There’s no escaping the hefty cost of protein powder all together, but you can get it for less than your local Vitamin Shoppe! Amazon offers the awesome Isopure protein powder brand for as low as $40.49 – significantly less than the $50 tub offered at other major retailers.

Phone-Charging Cords

While you can get charging cords just about anywhere (we’ve seen them at gas stations for a few dollars), the quality is nowhere near that of Amazon.  The phone-charging cords provided by Amazon are lower in cost, with the same quality as that of the actual phone carrier’s brand of cords.


There’s no doubt that you can get some major steals on Amazon. You can also sell some of your gently-used items and make a profit! What are some of your go-to products to get on Amazon? What steals have you found on the discount marketplace? Share your Amazon experiences by leaving a comment below!

-The CGS Team



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