7 Habits to Develop to Level Up Your Life

My goal every day is to be a better version of myself than from the previous day. I say this, but let’s be realistic, some days I’m just grateful that I made the bed that morning (if I even got out of bed). However, the goal remains the same – just being consistent in at least trying to be better.

Right now, we are in the midst of the “level up” movement, arguably brought to the mainstream by Ciara’s hit song, “Level Up”. But what exactly does “leveling up” mean? I define it for myself simply as a way to increase my personal identity, my current situation; a shift; a way to allow the Universe to shower me with abundance. Still confused? Keep reading to see what habits to develop to level up your life!

#1 Create a Morning & Evening Routine

Ok – now this one right here, I’m sure you’ve seen a plethora of influencers’ “My Morning/Evening Routine” videos (you know the ones, where they “wake up” and there’s magically a camera already recording). 

Now don’t get me wrong, these videos are entertaining, which is why they are so powerful, but why are they popular? They provide us with structure within our days, they establish discipline and self-control, and they help prioritize your important tasks for the day.

Everyone’s routines will look different, but some of my tasks in my morning routine include meditating, getting my morning walk/”strut”, and listening to either music or a motivational podcast while getting ready for work. Some of my evening routines include planning out the next day in my planner, getting in some strength training, and doing my skincare routine.

Again – no routine is perfect, and newsflash – your morning and evening routines should not make you more stressed or should include so many tasks that you’re overwhelmed. Level up your routines by being consistent, but also realistic. Check out the article 7 Bright Ways to Start a Positive Day for more ideas.

#2 Get Comfortable Saying “No” 

“Hi, my name is Lena and I’m a recovering people-pleaser”. Let me just say that investing in a professional therapist/life coach is already a way to level up your life but the hardest truth I learned about myself through therapy was that I have always been a people-pleaser. 

Now this can show up differently in self-proclaimed people-pleasers, but for me, it meant that I would always put other people’s needs, wants, and desires before mine. I never established boundaries with people because I was afraid of either hurting their feelings or making them feel uncomfortable in any way. 

When I became intentional about leveling up my life, I decided to start by learning to use an amazing two-letter word, that doubles as a complete sentence, “No”. Oh you’re going to ruffle some folks’ feathers, but something I had to remember: everyone isn’t meant to go with you to the next level of your life.

#3 Learn that Change is Necessary

So, I was recently in the job market, researching and looking for my next job venture. After working with an amazing career coach, and re-working my resume, I felt very confident in my resume, especially my objective section! However, I remember being so annoyed that I had to revamp my objective for every job I was applying for; why couldn’t my generic objective be enough?

I needed to learn how to change my mindset around objectives for jobs. Each job was different, so I needed to treat my “goal” differently for each job. 

Ultimately, I learned to take this same mindset to other areas of my life. I have been wanting to lose a certain amount of weight for I don’t know how long. It wasn’t until I made a drastic change to my diet and lifestyle that I started to see some significant weight loss. When you level up, you have to do some things differently in order to get different results.

#4 Practice Time Management
This kind of goes hand-in-hand with my first habit, but time management is one of those skills that I think should be taught in college, because as we get older with more responsibilities (jobs, families, hobbies, side hustles, etc), time (like money) needs to be managed, allotted, and budgeted. 

I wrote a similar article on how to be more productive, but trust me, time management is still a skill that I am trying to master. Some people live by their Google calendars, while some do best with having their “to-do” lists on their Notes app on their phones. I grew up in the 90s, where Lisa Frank stationery was all the rage, so I love planners, cute pens, etc., and I love writing things down – so it’s really about finding the best time management system for you.

Again – this is a skill that will need practice, but always remember that we all have 24 hours in a day, use that time wisely 🙂

#5 Keep Learning New Skills

In addition to learning to manage your time, ALWAYS be open to learning new skills! If 2020 – 2022 has taught us anything, it’s that a traditional 9-5 job is not as “stable” as we are taught to believe and the traditional college route isn’t the ONLY path to success. So many people took the initiative to start up businesses during those unprecedented times and many others decided to look online to learn new skills! 

How many of us learned how to bake sourdough bread during lockdown from TikTok or YouTube? How about learning a new language, how to create social media viral videos, or learning a new hobby? My point is, always be a learner of life as you do not know when your new skills will help you earn money in unexpected ways!

#6 Always Network

I know you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Well, it’s not a saying for nothing, neither is the saying, “Your network is your net worth”. So why are these sayings popular? Because they have proven to be true for a lot of people in getting to the next level in their life. 

It’s like the “Six Degrees of Separation” – somebody in your circle always knows somebody who knows somebody, so always be willing to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people, go to different social events, take a class, show up! 

I know it may be easier said than done, but remember, leveling up is all about growth, and it will be uncomfortable at times, but welcome the discomfort, it means you’re learning and growing into a better version of yourself. You never know, you may just meet someone who can change your life in the best way possible, so polish up, buttercup!

#7 Get Physical

Ok, I saved the most obvious one for last because who doesn’t want to level up their fitness game? I won’t bore you with all the benefits of exercise and nutrition, but the hard truth is this: we’re not going to be young forever, we’re not going to have the same stamina forever, and we’re not going to have Megan Thee Stallion knees forever (not even in our 30s). So what does this mean? It’s time to take control over your health TODAY!

If you’re a Millennial like myself, we need to be more aware of our physical well-being so we can age gracefully! Get out and take a walk, join a gym, take some dance classes, invest in a personal trainer/nutritionist. We’re not just doing this for vanity reasons (but who wouldn’t want to look great naked), but we’re leveling up our bodies and mental health as well!

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What other ways/areas of your life are you leveling up? What habits from the list above can you incorporate in your daily life? Remember, the level up journey is a never-ending journey!

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